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New Signature Series: Glow P-P2 Imperial Eagle

The Eagle McMahon Glow P-line P2 Imperial Eagle is the newest addition to the Discmania Signature series. The Imperial Eagle comes in the P-line plastic with an extra twist of the glow additive. What’s the result? A perfect blend of firmness and tackin…

Add Xtra grip to your putter game – Discmania X-line

As a company full of enthusiastic disc golfers, headquartered in the in the cold northern country of Finland, we here at Discmania know the challenges of winter disc golf almost a bit too well. With temperatures dropping below zero on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, playing disc golf in the Nordic winter can be a […]

Estonia – Next hub for disc golf in Europe?

As we’ve stated on several occasions before, one of the main missions for the Discmania brand and the people working behind it is to fuel the growth of disc golf all over the world. We’ve seen great success in growth and popularity of the sport at our “home base” of Finland over the last couple […]

INTERVIEW: Simon beats McBeast at Ledgestone, wins first NT of career

Ledgestone Insurance Open – The 2nd to last leg of the US National Tour was able to raise some heads already early in the season by promising to deal out the biggest purse of added cash in the history of the sport, a total of $65.000. The big payout also lured a huge 694 player field to central […]

New Additions to Discmania’s US Promotion Team

We are happy to announce that we have reinforced our North America Team by two players familiar to many of you. They are Kyle Sawtelle (22) and Eric Oakley (26). Eric is from Salt Lake City in Utah and he has played most of his career in Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas. Kyle hails from […]

Introducing Team Discmania’s Eagle Wynne McMahon

First off, we always knew this kid has potential. Otherwise we wouldn’t have signed him up to Team Discmania at the end of last year. What we didn’t really expect was to see him playing in the lead card on the final round at one of the biggest PDGA National Tour events already in 2015. Hailing from […]

Now in flight: G-line DD2 & P2

We’re happy announce that starting today, we are rolling out 2 new models with our popular G-line material. The production run G-line P2 & DD2 will likely reach most of our European retailers first and our US retailers will follow suit later in May. The Discmania G-line material has been proven very ergonomic and durable in […]

In the Bag with Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte’s much-anticipated In the Bag video was just published by the Spin TV. The video was filmed during the 2015 Aussie Open. Without further adieu, here’s the video: Here’s the drilldown: Putters 3 x D-line P2 1 x S-line P2 Mid-Range discs 1 x SG-line MD1 1 x C-line MD2 2 x Glow C-line […]

Time to get spooky

All Hallows Eve is almost here! To celebrate the spooky season, we decided to do a very limited halloween release with our bestselling putter, the P2. The limited edition P2 comes in orange D-line plastic and features 3 different stamp colour options: White, Black and reflective Silver. This is the current production run D-P2 that […]