Add Xtra grip to your putter game – Discmania X-line

As a company full of enthusiastic disc golfers, headquartered in the in the cold northern country of Finland, we here at Discmania know the challenges of winter disc golf almost a bit too well. With temperatures dropping below zero on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, playing disc golf in the Nordic winter can be a struggle to keep your body warm. The last thing you need in this type scenario is compromised grip of your putters against your cold fingers. The good news is we now have a solution for this and it bears the name of Discmania X-line.

While this extra grippy blend of plastic is awesome in all weather conditions, the fact that the grip stays true even when its cold and wet outside really makes this plastic perfect for use all year round.

Those following us closely may argue that the X-line is nothing very new in particular. For about 12 months we’ve been offering limited numbers of our X-line putters as boutique releases, mainly through Discmania Store USA and InnovaStore. Based on the great feedback we’ve gotten from the limited edition releases, we’re now confident to release a pair of our best selling putters, the legendary P2 and the game-changing P1x, to the general public in the form of a full blown stock release. The release date for Europe is today (Feb 9th) and the rest of the world will follow suit very shortly. Go grab yours and reinvent your putting game!

So what is this new plastic all about? We prepared this nifty infographic below so you can find out. Click the picture to view full version.



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