Now in flight: G-line DD2 & P2

We’re happy announce that starting today, we are rolling out 2 new models with our popular G-line material. The production run G-line P2 & DD2 will likely reach most of our European retailers first and our US retailers will follow suit later in May. The Discmania G-line material has been proven very ergonomic and durable in a multitude of weather conditions. Aside from some smaller run releases (LadyLine, P-line P1), the G-line material is by far our flexiest and grippiest plastic blend. The composition of this plastic material allows it to preserve its comfortable grip even in colder temperatures, while still not getting too soft when the temperatures rise.

This plastic material also generates gentler collisions: the flexible plastic absorbs a lot of the impact energy and causes your disc to stay closer to the fairway even in the scenario of an early hit with a tree or other obstacle. The G-line plastic has also been proven to endure these hits very well, which means they maintain their flight characteristics for a long time. Flight-wise the G-line models in our selection tend to produce straighter lines than our other high-end plastics, as this material often generates a milder and more forward-penetrating low speed fade than S-line and C-line materials. These features make the G-line material very easily approachable for all skill levels and the G-line discs come especially handy on wooded courses and in low temperatures.

G-line DD2

You can expect long and controllable S-curve shots, pin-point power hyzers and a long lifespan from the new G-line DD2. In terms of stability the DD2 in G-line allows a touch straighter lines than the DD2 in S-line & C-line materials, making this high speed driver more appealing to a wider range of players. The G-DD2 works very well with both sidearm & backhand and thanks to its high speed rating it can even tackle some headwinds with very consistent results. If you’re looking to combine absolute grip with maximum distance, the DD2 is your ticket to the stars!

G-line P2

The G-line P2 is an instant classic. With its unmatched grip, high durability, and the laser beam straight path it can take to the basket it is must for any player looking to master their upshots or short drives from the tee. The G-line plastic is a very grippy and gummy. It has high flexibility and beautiful pearl type appearance which makes each and every disc look unique.

Fun fact: We originally produced only a small First Run release of the G-line P2 about a year ago, simply to test the waters and with no particular ambition to move forward with a full production run. The market’s response to this disc however was very enthusiastic and the feedback we’ve gathered in the past 10-12 months has been extremely good. This gave us the reason to turn the G-P2 into a full production model that now will be available in wide distribution across the Disc Golfing world.

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