Introducing Team Discmania’s Eagle Wynne McMahon

First off, we always knew this kid has potential. Otherwise we wouldn’t have signed him up to Team Discmania at the end of last year. What we didn’t really expect was to see him playing in the lead card on the final round at one of the biggest PDGA National Tour events already in 2015. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, the 17-year-old Eagle Wynne McMahon simply stole the show at Glass Blown Open last weekend with his 1061 and 1073-rated first and second rounds that placed him on the 2nd place going to the final round, just one stroke behind the 3-time World Champion Paul McBeth. And while Eagle couldn’t quite keep his game at the same level on the last round, he definitely was the crowd favourite at the tournament.

So who is this Eagle kid and how did he end up on the front page of last Friday? We did a little interview with the man himself so you can find out.

1) Tell us little bit about yourself – How did you start start playing Disc Golf?

I started playing Disc Golf in the Spring of 2007 when my Dad’s friend introduced me to the game. I played very casually for the first couple years until my dad decided to enter me in some local tournaments to see how I would do. I played Junior events until I realized I needed to move up to Intermediate. I played Intermediate for the year of 2010 and was very successful and won 4 tournaments which included an A-tier. The next year I played in the Advanced division and I won 4 tournaments in a row. This is when I knew I had to move up to Open. I’ve been playing Open for 4 years now.


Kuva, jonka Eagle Wynne Mcmahon (@eagle_wmcm) julkaisi

2) What is your favorite Disc Golf memory?

There are so many to choose from, but I would have to say winning the Colorado State Championships last year. Everyone says that the GBO was my break through, but I think it was States last year. I won by 7 strokes over some great 1000 rated Colorado players and I averaged 1035 for the 3 rounds of the tournament. I will always be proud of winning that tournament.

3) Congrats on your great performance at the GBO! What was it like to play with the big guns on the lead card?

It was unreal. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous that last round, because I definitely was. I had the best player in the world on my card, who wouldn’t be a little nervous? The last round didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked, but what can you do? I got to have an amazing experience and I hope to be back in that situation very soon.

4) You joined Team Discmania quite recently, what are some of your favorite Discmania models and what do you use them for?

I really like the C-Line PD2 for all distance shots. I carry 6 in my bag which are all different stabilities. I also use the FD2 a lot. It is a very underrated disc in my opinion. I use it for hyzer shots from 330ft-440ft. This next one is probably my favorite disc of all time… The Glow MD3. It is an amazing all around midrange. I use them for overstable shots when they’re new, but when they beat up, they fly very straight. Last but not least, the P2. I love the P2 for all shots inside of 250ft. I use the S-line for off the tee and D-line for short upshots and putting.

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5) What would you say are the strengths in your game? And what are the areas you think need the most training?

Definitely distance and forehand shots. I love throwing long drives. Birdying holes that other people can’t reach is one of the biggest joys in Disc Golf for me. I would say that my short distance accuracy and putting need some improving. But overall, I feel like I have a well rounded game.

6) We know you’ve played a lot with Joe Rovere, are there some other pro players you look up to?

When I was younger I looked up to a lot of pro players such as; Nate Doss, Eric McCabe, Cale Leiviska, etc. But as I get older I really don’t idolize over any people. I will say that my dad is good at Disc Golf also and has alway pushed me and made me the person I am. Once I started beating him, that is when I started to take off… He still beats me sometimes… And I hate it.

7) What can we expect from you this season? Which tournaments have you signed up for already?

I am going to continue living my normal life. Playing disc golf tournaments almost every weekend, work, and school. I am signed up for; 303 Championships, The Majestic in Minnesota, High Plains Challenge, Beaver State Fling, and Ledgestone Insurance Open. I am hoping to go to the USDGC in October. I will be playing a bunch of small tournaments here in Colorado in between the big events.

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Kuva, jonka Eagle Wynne Mcmahon (@eagle_wmcm) julkaisi

8) Send your greetings to the Discmania followers!

Thank you all for the support you have shown me. If you want see more of what I am up to, please follow me on Instagram: @Eagle_WMCM. And friend me on Facebook: Eagle Wynne McMahon.

Thanks for the interview and the best of luck for your future tournaments!


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