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Innova Gorgon First Look

One glimpse of the Gorgon’s flight, and you’ll be turned into a believer. This disc provides sneaky distance on controlled lines.

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2023 Innova Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for the disc golfer in your life? Want to treat yourself to something special this Holiday Season? We’ve made things simple – Our Holiday Gift Guide has all our top gift suggestions for 2023, from recent releases to Innova classics. 

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Rolling Out the Rollo

Most Innova molds are designed for a variety of uses and shot shapes. The Rollo, on the other hand, is designed with one, specific shot in mind – the roller. Our latest Mid-range is a disc that just about any player at any skill level can roll.

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The Alien Has Landed

The Alien is like no other disc on the market. Its top resembles a Sonic, its rim is like a mid-range. It is surprisingly stable, maybe even a tad overstable. The Alien thrives in a universe of spin putts, approach shots, and short-range drives.

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Holiday Release Guide

2020 has been a year full of change and unpredictability. Keeping tabs on everything may have been difficult, so we’ve made things simple this Holiday Season. Check out some of our recent and notable releases you may have missed! Putters! Going into the off season, it’s a great time to hit the fields and work […]

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The Firefly Putt & Approach Disc

Our newest putter and Nate Sexton’s Tour Series putter—the Firefly—is now available the Innova Factory Store. The Firefly is made for the touring pro—or any player demanding stable putt and approach disc that’s comfortable in the hand. It features a beadless rim and will debut in the new “Nexus” plastic, a firm plastic that’s grippy […]

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No Trick Here. Innova’s Pumpkin Discs are All Treat

Every year, Innova’s Pumpkin disc release is highly sought after from disc golf collectors nationwide. It’s a Halloween tradition that’s just the right amount of spooky and this year’s release is one of the most popular Pumpkin harvests to date.


Blog – Discmania 2017-09-15 06:49:34

The Discmania P3x is a driving putter with a capital D! Excellent choice also for those who don’t normally feel comfortable using putters in drives and approaches.

An ergonomic low profile and a big bead make this disc a stable flier that endures we…

4 the Wind! The Super Flat C-line MD4

The much anticipated C-line MD4 stock release is finally upon us. Let’s just say it was worth the wait. This disc is the overstable brother of the popular MD3 midrange. Its flight numbers are: Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3. Both the first run …

Discmania PDx – Exclusive Disc Golf World Tour Fundraiser

  We bet you can figure out what this disc is all about – It’s our newest Power Driver. The PD and PD2 are two of the most fabled Discmania molds in our lineup. Top professionals like Paul McBeth and Simon Lizotte or anyone that carries these molds in their bag are looking for a […]

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