Holiday Release Guide

2020 has been a year full of change and unpredictability. Keeping tabs on everything may have been difficult, so we’ve made things simple this Holiday Season. Check out some of our recent and notable releases you may have missed!


Going into the off season, it’s a great time to hit the fields and work on elements of your game that may need improvement. Throwing putters is an effective way of checking your accuracy, release, and habits. They reveal throwing errors more readily than high speed drivers. Here are some of the latest additions to the Innova Putt & Approach lineup.

DX RhynoX

Sink headwind putts, toss upshots with power, and hit your line with its Thumbtrac™ grip. The RhynoX inherits the same dependable, flight characteristics as the gives it a sure grip and reliable performance in any situation.


”>Rhyno with more overstability.

XT RhynoX

The RhynoX is also now available in our grippy XT plastic, perfect for cold or wet conditions.

DX Invader

The Invader is one of the best driving and approach putters available. Its flat top and low profile make it easy to grip-n-rip consistently straight flights. Now available in the feel and grip of DX, the Invader could become a player favorite for putting too.

Nexus Animal

This is a Putt & Approach unlike anything else in our lineup. The Animal resists high speed turn with a soft fade. This gives the player confidence to throw with great power and not worry about a harsh finish. Molded in our Nexus material that offers supreme grip and a tacky feel, the Animal will get you where you need to go.

GStar Invictus

The GStar Invictus is an overstable, long-range driver with more glide and turn than the Star Invictus. For long-range throws into a breeze, there’s no equal to the Invictus. Pros refer to the Invictus as a “faster Firebird.”

Holiday DX Mamba

Here’s the gift of easy distance. The Mamba delivers turnover lines and big rollers for more powerful throwers. Beginners like the extra glide and distance. This is the first DX release, featuring Holiday Prime Star hot stamp art.

Pro Corvette

The Corvette is among our fastest class of distance drivers and offers players commanding distance. It’s now available with the comfortable feel and grip of Driver Pro plastic.

Winter is Coming

The Winter Season is quickly approaching. Wet and cold conditions require a different preparation, focus, and technique. We’ve put together our best discs and tips for your Winter game, check out our Winter Disc Golf Guide.

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