Innova Gorgon First Look

Stone-Cold Precision

One glimpse of the Gorgon’s flight, and you’ll be turned into a believer. This disc provides sneaky distance on controlled lines. With the comfortable grip of a Fairway Driver, but the distance potential of a High-speed Driver, the Gorgon is going to level up the enthusiast’s game. Star Gorgons are rated 10/6/-2/1 and GStar Gorgons are rated 10/6/-3/1.

Monstrous Glide

The Gorgon’s magic comes from Dave’s disc design, giving it a 6 Glide rating. When you think the Gorgon is going to drop, it just keeps carrying towards the target. The disc’s VTech rim moves more weight to the edge to create straighter and longer flight paths. That means you can power down, focus on your release point, and not suffer in the distance department. Flip the Gorgon up to flat and watch it ride in a straight line – perfect for those extra long, wooded fairways. Release the Gorgon on anhyzer and it will hold that turn for most of its flight. 

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Which Gorgon Do You Need?

The Star and GStar Gorgon both have the mythical glide that makes this disc so special, but they do vary slightly in flight characteristics. So which Gorgon should you get?

Star Gorgon

The Star Gorgon is slightly more stable than the GStar version. In Star plastic, this disc will come out of its high-speed turn phase sooner than it will in GStar. That makes the Star Gorgon ideal for S-curves that require a predictable finish. In Star plastic this disc can handle a bit more speed, so power players looking for a finesse disc should start with Star. 

The GStar Gorgon is going to be the new favorite driver for players with slower arm speeds. Because this disc is slightly less stable than the Star version, GStar Gorgons maximize the cheater-distance effect. With the right angle and a snap of the wrist, send effortless bombs down the fairway on relatively tight lines. The GStar Gorgon makes quick work of low ceiling shots and standstills in the woods that still need to get distance. 

Whichever Gorgon you go with, this disc is going to help you score on holes you previously couldn’t reach. Leave your cardmates stunned like a statue with legendary shots using the new Innova Gorgon. 

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