Rolling Out the Rollo

Ready to Roll

Most Innova molds are designed for a variety of uses and shot shapes. The Rollo, on the other hand, is designed with one, specific shot in mind – the roller. Our latest Mid-range is a disc that just about any player at any skill level can roll. Low-power players can get it down on edge with relative ease to add distance in the open. Medium-power players will use this disc for more finessed throws where a low-ceiling or awkwardly placed obstacles make a roller the best play.

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There was a time when disc golfers thought the forehand was a utility shot you could get away without knowing. The roller is the next shot that every player will need to adopt if they want to compete at the top level. The Rollo is an excellent disc to begin learning a skill that will be a big part of the future of disc golf.

Though this disc is made for rolling, the 6 Glide and -4 Turn make it a great beginner disc for air shots as well. Players having trouble getting full flights out of a more stable Mid-range will be able to shape drives with the Rollo.


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