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Steven Braud: Latest to Seize the Shield

Team Discmania continues to grow in 2018. In December, we announced the signing of our five newest members via the Combine. Now, during this Year of the Shield, we’re excited to announce our latest addition: Steven Braud. Steven Braud, PDGA #16027, lives in the disc-golf-rich Mid-Atlantic region. He is just minutes from world classes like Nockimixon […]

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Colten Montgomery: All-In on Disc Golf

If you catch the Discmania RV, the Maniac, on the highway or at your local course in 2018, it is safe to say that Team Discmania member Colten Montgomery is the man behind the wheel. Montgomery first took command of the Maniac in August 2017 and is set to spend the next year traveling the […]

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Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (Strength)

Our Disc Golf Academy Coach Andreas Gertsch believes the stronger you are the easier things become and your disc golf skills automatically get better. In our second installation of our Off Season Training series, Gertsch details how exercising can be easier than you might expect. If you focus on five key muscle groups, you’ll see […]

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The Final Stretch of Discmania Boot Camp

Eagle and I are still going strong here in Switzerland, working on our mental and physical strength every day. It’s crazy to think it’s been four weeks now. On the one hand, it feels like the time went by quickly. On the other hand, we are both really glad to be almost done with our five-week […]

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Discmania’s Anna-Sofia Haipus named Breakthrough Player of 2017

The Finnish Disc Golf Association just named the best Finnish disc golfers of 2017 and the list includes one of Discmania’s rising stars. Anna-Sofia Haipus was awarded Breakthrough Player of 2017. The 18-year-old from Ähtäri, Finland burst onto the Finnish Disc Golf scene last year as her PDGA rating rose from 790 to 894 in a […]

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Eagle McMahon at Disc Golf Boot Camp

Mental Toughness and Discipline Hello Discmaniacs! We have been in Switzerland for just over two weeks training with G-Balance. In the first two weeks, everyday has presented itself with a challenge whether it be; strength training, agility, coordination, going through withdrawals missing your favorite food, or dealing with Simon’s music taste. It it not easy, […]

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Simon Lizotte Season 2017 Wrap-Up

Simon’s Most Successful Season So Far 2017 was yet another amazing year of competing and traveling. Of course I am most happy about going completely injury free this year, except for my little back tweak just before the World Championships. But my knee was absolutely fine all season, even though I often was very cautious […]

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Discmania Expands and Adds More Staff

As our recent Year of the Shield article stated, we’ve just started to handle all Discmania® distribution in North America. The fact that Discmania expands also means adding more staff. We’re excited to announce that we’ve hired names familiar to many: Avery Jenkins, Dana Vicich and Zach Parcell. In addition to them, Steven Braud will join us […]

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Discmania Combine Tour 2017 Winners

The time has come to unveil our 2017 Discmania Combine Tour winners! Dreamers from all over the world entered the Combine and now, we are ready to welcome five new members to Team Discmania.
The Discmania Combine is a series of skilled events that incl…

5 tips for an Effective Tournament Warmup Routine

How do you expect to play well if you’re not actually ready to play well? A proper warmup before a round ensures that your mind and body are ready to perform at the best of your abilities. When preparing for a competition at any level it’s important to…

Team Discmania Grows With Two Talented Youngsters

We’re very excited to introduce you to the newest Team Discmania members! These two young Finns Anna-Sofia Haipus and a gem found at our Combine event, Tuomas Hyytiäinen, impressed us this season with their incredible feats. We’re sure tha…

New Signature Series: Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

There is a story to be told. It dates back to 2013 when Simon Lizotte signed with Team Discmania. Simon and Discmania CEO, Jussi Meresmaa, sat down to decide what design would be used to represent Simon for the future. The decision was made quickly. Th…

Andreas Gertsch Joins Team Discmania

One of the household names in European disc golf, Andreas Gertsch of Switzerland, joins Team Discmania. Discmania management and Andreas had a chance to get to know each other during early 2016, while Andreas was visiting the United States. Andy is kn…

Become a Professional Disc Golfer – Part 2

This article continues the first part of our Become a Professional Disc Golfer series. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you’ll find it here. The Costs of Professionalism Being a professional disc golfer looks pretty rosy when you see what the payouts are at big tournaments. It’s becoming quite common to see at least […]

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Become a Professional Disc Golfer by Discmania

There isn’t a day that goes by when a disc golfer asks themselves, “How do I become a professional disc golfer?” Think about it for a second… getting to play the sport you love while turning that into an income stream, or even a full time job. Sounds pretty good, right? Becoming a professional disc […]

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Ferris State University Wins National Title

Last week, the 2017 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships were hosted at the Hippodrome Complex in North Augusta, SC April 12-15. Roughly 400 players from 70 different teams attended with the aspirations of bringing home the coveted national title. After seven rounds of competition, the national champion was crowned and it was once again Ferris […]

Hannah E. Croke Joins Team Discmania

It is our pleasure to announce the newest member of Team Discmania, Hannah E. Croke. Reigning out of Southbridge, MA, Hannah’s interest in the sport began after she watched the 2014 Vibram Open — a tournament played on her home course of Maple Hill. Hannah competed in local (unsanctioned) events until she joined her college […]

Dominik and the State of Disc Golf in Germany

Written by: Dominik Stampfer Hello Discmaniacs, hello Disc Golfers! I am Dominik from Germany and since 2012 part of Team Discmania. With this article I would like to tell you a bit more about myself and about disc golf in Germany. So, who am I? Let´s go quickly through the basic information: I started playing […]

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