Andreas Gertsch Joins Team Discmania

One of the household names in European disc golf, Andreas Gertsch of Switzerland, joins Team Discmania. Discmania management and Andreas had a chance to get to know each other during early 2016, while Andreas was visiting the United States. Andy is known to be one of the best European disc golfers ever. He’s been competing in top European tournaments for almost 20 years, and he’s no stranger to events overseas either. Here are his lengthy PDGA statistics.

What we learned, he’s also been an Olympic athlete in Switzerland’s national judo team and he’s been performing in European ballet stages. Currently, he puts his energy in ICT management and coaching while not competing or practising. During Simon Lizotte’s knee injury recovery, he helped Simon to rehab his knee and get back to action as quickly as possible. Also Andreas’ spouse Irene did a lot to help Simon get back on track. Discipline and determination describe Andreas’ mindset well.

Andreas Gertsch, Team Discmania

Andreas Gertsch, Team Discmania

Here’s a little bit about what Andreas Gertsch thinks about the sponsorship: “Competitive sports, art, coaching and strategy were part of my life since I was 9. No wonder I was attracted to Disc Golf at the age of 30. Since then this breathtaking sport has accompanied me constantly. Disc Golf is the most fascinating sport I can imagine. It is shaped by endurance, strength, speed, technique, coordinative capabilities and strategy. “The magic of the shot” combines all these components, and in the blink of an eye makes the difference between success and failure.

In Discmania I have found a partner who is interested in the development of the sport, the team and its surroundings and who is also willing to provide best Disc Golf services to anyone interested in this amazing sport. I am extraordinarily pleased to work with the team and to support all team members and everyone interested in Disc Golf with my knowledge and skills.

I am convinced we all will have lots of fun and success with the team and the company during the next years and we sure will celebrate great moments together.”

Welcome to the team Andreas!

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