New Signature Series: Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

There is a story to be told. It dates back to 2013 when Simon Lizotte signed with Team Discmania. Simon and Discmania CEO, Jussi Meresmaa, sat down to decide what design would be used to represent Simon for the future. The decision was made quickly. The Falcon. It’s the fastest bird on earth. It’s that simple. Lizotte’s original Falcon design is one not to be forgotten, with the wings spanning off the sides and the aggressive Falcon eye looking at you from the middle of each disc. The same artwork that would soar three of Discmania’s molds into the company’s top sellers. One of which is the Swirl S-line FD3. Well, it’s about to be reinvented.

As September nears an end, and the dark fall season begins, a new chapter lurks in the wings for Team Discmania’s top player. With 64 career wins under his belt, Simon has found the first of three new weapons: The Doom Bird. Legend has it that the Doom Bird can overcome any fiery blaze, and the worst of thunderous storms. It is perfect for massive hyzer shots and blustering head winds.

More to Come …

And for now the Doom Bird will Fly with one alliance, the Eagle. They shall fly together until Nightfall, where they will find their next counterpart. The Doom Bird design is the first of many new designs coming to the Discmania Signature Series.

Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

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