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Add Xtra grip to your putter game – Discmania X-line

As a company full of enthusiastic disc golfers, headquartered in the in the cold northern country of Finland, we here at Discmania know the challenges of winter disc golf almost a bit too well. With temperatures dropping below zero on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, playing disc golf in the Nordic winter can be a […]

Konopiste Open fundraisers now available!

Last December we announced our partnership with the flagship event of the Czech Disc Golf scene, the Konopiste Open. One of the ways we show support to the event is fundraiser discs, which were released just moments ago at the Czech Disc Golf shop proDiscgolf.cz & InnovaStore. There’s a very limited supply of these discs […]

2015 Aussie Open feature: The History of Frisbee Sports in Australia

“The History of Frisbee Sports in Australia, as told through the Aussie Open Fundraiser Discs” By Andrew Ferguson. Everybody has a Frisbee story. Whether it’s the first time they played catch in the park, that amazing hole-in-one at the local course or their first Freestyle nail delay. Every country also has a Frisbee story, which […]

Find your X-factor: Presenting the P1x

We are proud to present the very first beaded putter in the Discmania product line – The P1x! A beaded putter has been missing from our line-up since day one and especially our US fans have sent us a lot of requests to fill that gap. By flight characteristics this putter resembles our popular P1 […]

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