Find your X-factor: Presenting the P1x

We are proud to present the very first beaded putter in the Discmania product line – The P1x! A beaded putter has been missing from our line-up since day one and especially our US fans have sent us a lot of requests to fill that gap. By flight characteristics this putter resembles our popular P1 putter, but the feel is something completely new. For more information on the disc itself, see the infographic below 🙂

Stock release early 2015, first tastes out today!

Presenting the new X-line material in support of the Aussie Open
The actual stock release is scheduled for early 2015, but if you’re fast, you may be able to grab a first taste of this new mold today! We are supporting the first PDGA Major on the Southern Hemisphere, the 2015 Aussie Open, with a limited fundraiser release of the P1x in our new X-line material. The X-line is a new blend of plastic that takes the best features of the D-line and our P-line P1 material while remaining nice and firm structurally. The end result is probably our grippiest plastic to date, which makes this plastic perfect for putters. It’s a plastic blend that wears slower than the D-line, but is still fine-tuneable much like the D-line plastic. The Aussie Open X-line P1x will be released thru Discmania Store on this date (12/12/2014). Compared to the D-line P1x, the X-line P1x has a touch more fade, thanks to added stability of the X-line material. This is a very limited release, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the store today.

First Run release in trusty D-line
Alongside the Aussie Open X-P1x release, we are also releasing a limited number of First Run D-line P1x’s for collector delight. The First Run release will be available thru Discmania Store & InnovaStore. The First Run release is also very limited in numbers, so if you wish to add one to your collection, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the before mentioned shops today 😉

P1x – the facts

We put together the following infographic to give you the idea what the P1x is like:


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