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Disc Golf Academy Basics: Flight Ratings

One of the first things you might notice when getting into disc golf are the numbers printed on the disc. Commonly referred to as flight ratings or flight numbers, these serve as a way to help give disc golfers an idea of the flight before they ever throw the disc. For any Discmania disc, you’ll […]

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Introducing the Disc Golf Academy

It doesn’t matter if you just started playing disc golf, been an active for a few years, or you are competing at the top level for PDGA World Championships, we all share a common goal: be better tomorrow than you are today. Earlier this month, Jussi Meresmaa introduced 2018 as The Year of the Shield. […]

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Solving the Riddle of Discmania Mystery Box

Exploring the appeal for piggies in a bag
That time of the year is rolling around again. Get ready for Discmania Mystery Box with top 5 tips about reasons to get in on the excitement of the unknown.

1. Affordability
First off, you cannot really beat t…

5 tips for an Effective Tournament Warmup Routine

How do you expect to play well if you’re not actually ready to play well? A proper warmup before a round ensures that your mind and body are ready to perform at the best of your abilities. When preparing for a competition at any level it’s important to…

Top 5 Disc Golf Short Game Tips

This article is about how you can improve your short game in disc golf. A majority of players consider practice to be a round of golf at that local course, throwing drives at a nearby field or putting practice in their own backyard. One key element that is usually missing from any player’s routine is […]

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Discover Disc Golf

Since its formation in the 1970s, disc golf has been called the sport of the future. With continual advances year in and year out, the future has arrived and the time for disc golf is now. This article was written to answer the question: “How to start playing disc golf?”. With the same idea as […]

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