Solving the Riddle of Discmania Mystery Box

Exploring the appeal for piggies in a bag

That time of the year is rolling around again. Get ready for Discmania Mystery Box with top 5 tips about reasons to get in on the excitement of the unknown.

1. Affordability

First off, you cannot really beat the price. The boxes give you 50% more products for the price versus if sold separately. That is a great deal if you ask anyone. The vibrant second hand market that exists on the discussion groups (whether on a forum or Facebook) also gives you an excellent media to exchange or sell the ones that perhaps were not your favorites to others that are in the market for that specific thing. And conversely, others may have just what you are looking for, or give you a chance to make some money back for the original purchase. With the discounted price you are getting the discs for, rarely would someone come out of it at a terrible loss.

2. Diamond in the rough

This has got to be one of the main appeals for the mystery boxes. Each time the mystery boxes are on sale, the internet gets electrified with pictures of what specialties people have uncovered in their mystery boxes. I have to admit myself, that after seeing what the mystery boxes contained the last time around, I am sure to place an order this time too. Those images linger on and make you want to try your luck the next time around. And frankly, you don’t need much luck. Most mystery box combinations contain special items, whether it be unusual stamps, stamp foils, plastic types or molds themselves. Of course there is individual preference, and one might be looking for something specific. In those situations, the Discmania Store staff have been gracious enough to accept requests due to personal preference, within reason of course. If you are looking for something exact, as many of the specialty discs are also sold separately, you may want to opt for the exact combination at the Discmania Store you are looking for to make sure you get exactly what you want. However, the mystery box option allows you to have a go at the specialties at a more affordable price and keep the excitement while you’re at it.

Discmania Mystery Box

3. Sheer excitement of unboxing

Unless you trade in discs so much that you forget what is heading your way, it is rare that you come across a delivery that you have no idea what’s in it. Although, come holiday season, a loved one might have gotten you something as a surprise. But outside of that, the mystery boxes give you an opportunity to get a surprise for yourself too. There are many ways to unbox a highly anticipated delivery. Whether you rip into it as fast as you can, or draw out the moment delicately to savor it as long as possible, you can be sure to enjoy the riveting moment of discovering what exactly is in the box of mysteries. I get all tingly just thinking about it.

4. Gift idea

Of course, you can get all of the above benefits not only for yourself, but as a present too. Know someone who loves disc golf, and want to get them a related present? You may not know their preferences and don’t want to let them know in advance by asking what they would like. A gift card is naturally an option, but in my opinion, a gift card may feel a little impersonal. Basically you could be giving them money, only the gift card directs where the money is spent. A mystery box is a nice way to get someone a present without tipping them off about it, but not making the decision yourself about what’s in it. You even get to share in on the excitement, as you surely are dying to ask your friend “what was in it, and did it include cool rarities?” Also, as an “outside of the box” idea (pun intended), you could even get a box for someone who is not yet playing disc golf, but has expressed interest in getting discs of their own.

5. Trying out new things

Even with the rarities that for the most special ones might mean wall hanger status, discs are meant to be thrown. The mystery box may also give you a chance to fill a gap in your bag that you may have not known is there to begin with. You may not have a complete vision about what you are in the market for regarding new molds. A lucky coincidence may put something specific in your mystery box that suits your throwing style and arm speed just perfectly. Not being introduced to it via the mystery box, it might have stayed unknown to you for whatever reasons. Maybe you just never really thought about an S-line TD for example, or maybe you just ran into the wrong reviews or comments about it that made you think it is not for you. But there is so much variety between different throwers that you cannot really know until you try it out for yourself. In the perfect scenario, you find your new go-to-disc in a mystery box.

Discmania Mystery Box

Bonus: We are just as fired up as you are!

The excitement of the mystery box season is not limited only to the consumer. I was able to reach out to an anonymous Discmania Store staff member who said the special vibe is felt throughout the factory too: “The Mystery box season is a very exciting time for us. It’s great to watch the anticipation build in the days or weeks leading up to the release. We put months of preparation into these events and it is very rewarding to see the videos and pictures that customers post showing off their new gems and see how happy they are. These boxes are the perfect way to snag some rare treats, specialty stamps, and some molds that people may not have tried out quite yet. Once the dust has settled and the mountain of boxes are gone, we can’t wait to prepare for the next time.”

So there you have it. Take the plunge. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or at least the most exciting.

Get your Mystery Boxes at beginning on Friday, December 1st 2017!


The author is a Finnish amateur disc golfer since 2009 and an avid Discmania aficionado from the start. His alter ego Flick Maniac is a Discmania Media Team member that you can find on Instagram and YouTube.

Mikko Setälä
Discmania Media Team

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