'G-line '

Now in Flight: The G-line PD2

We’re proud to introduce the G-line PD2, just in time for cold weather rounds of the fall/winter season! We took the super grippy and durable G-line plastic and merged it together with our Discmaniac favorite PD2 mold with some great results. We found out that when thrown with power this disc is a long straight bomber […]

Now in flight: G-line DD2 & P2

We’re happy announce that starting today, we are rolling out 2 new models with our popular G-line material. The production run G-line P2 & DD2 will likely reach most of our European retailers first and our US retailers will follow suit later in May. The Discmania G-line material has been proven very ergonomic and durable in […]

Now in flight: The G-line & C-line CD2

At the start of October we announced our main sponsor partnership with the upcoming Aussie Open which very shortly after that led to the release of the Aussie Open fundraiser C-line CD2. You Discmaniacs welcomed the CD2 with praising reviews, so we decided to put some steam in the engine and give you a general stock release […]

Discmania G-line stock releases

While most of the Disc Golf world has their eyes peeled on the PDGA Pro World Championship action in Oregon this week, we are rolling out some highly anticipated new plastic. The initial reaction to our first run G-line releases was great and we are confident that our first 2 stock release models in G-line […]