Discmania G-line stock releases

While most of the Disc Golf world has their eyes peeled on the PDGA Pro World Championship action in Oregon this week, we are rolling out some highly anticipated new plastic. The initial reaction to our first run G-line releases was great and we are confident that our first 2 stock release models in G-line will find their way to the bags of numerous players around the world.

About the new G-line plastic

Aside from being probably our prettiest plastic blend to date with metallic shimmer in the plastic making each disc look unique, the G-line also just might also be the grippiest plastic blend in the market. The G-line is developed from Innova’s popular GStar material and much like the GStar is a flexier and grippier blend of Innova’s Star plastic, the G-line could be described as a flexier and grippier blend of our popular S-line material.

While the G-line material is noticeably softer than our other plastics, our initial testing has shown that despite it’s soft grip, very few players would consider the G-line plastic too floppy for their use. Another great benefit of this plastic is also the great grip it provides even in very cold weather. Despite being a spot on pick for summertime play, the G-line is also probably the best choice of plastic for cold winter rounds.

Stay true to your line with the G-line PD

The first stock release in our new G-line material was no other than the PD (Also known as Freak), a truly essential model in our line up. Originally released around the time of Disc Golf European Masters in Sweden, the G-PD has already received some praising reviews from the field. Comparing to the S-line PD, which is the closest comparison in our current line-up, the G-PD is very similar but yet so different. While both discs can handle a lot of power and headwind, the probability to see a a very slight high speed turn is a touch more more likely with the G-line version. In addition to this, the G-line PD also features a touch milder fade than the S-PD, concluding in a straighter finish. With these two features combined, the end result is a very dependable PD, that likes to fly a touch further than PD’s in our other higher end plastics.

G-line FD – a versatile workhorse for all skill levels

While the PD is also truly a very versatile disc, you need a certain amount of power to use it the way it supposed to be used. For our 2nd G-line release we wanted to choose a model than can be useful to just about anybody, no matter what skill level or arm speed. And what option could possibly be better than the FD (Also known as Jackal)? While no official records are available for the total amount of each disc model sold in Europe, we think it’s safe to say that the FD in it’s different variations is the most sold driver in Europe over the last couple of years and there is a huge amount of players in the US too that have found the FD to be their fairway driver of choice. To us this is no surprise – it’s probably the easiest disc to throw truly straight in its speed range and it performs different angles very well. Comparing to the closest available comparison, the S-line FD, the G-FD is very slightly more prone to high speed turn while the finish is very neutral, virtually no fade at all when thrown correctly. The G-line material also allows a great glide, that can carry the G-FD much further than most fairway drivers out there.

Our long time collaborator, The Hat Guy aka Antti Vuento, teamed up with Avery Jenkins to produce this sweet review video of the G-FD, offering the perspectives about the disc by a power-armed Pro player and a regular Joe:

Our discs should have a place in your local store!

Both the G-PD and G-FD have already seen their official release dates and should be arriving to our retailers in the coming days. If, for some reason, your local disc shop does not carry our product line yet, help us out and ask them to stock up! We strongly believe that you should be able to buy our discs from your favourite disc outlet and in many cases, customers requests are the way to get the retailers to get interested in new products.


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