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Luster C-line PD2 – Leo Piironen EDGC Signature disc

We’re proud and honoured to release our very first disc with our new Luster C-line material as a commemorative release for Team Discmania’s Leo Piironen’s recently acquired European Championship. Leo might not be the best known European player outside Europe, but just looking at how he landed European Champion title at EDGC 2016 late August in […]

Now in Flight: The G-line PD2

We’re proud to introduce the G-line PD2, just in time for cold weather rounds of the fall/winter season! We took the super grippy and durable G-line plastic and merged it together with our Discmaniac favorite PD2 mold with some great results. We found out that when thrown with power this disc is a long straight bomber […]

Estonia – Next hub for disc golf in Europe?

As we’ve stated on several occasions before, one of the main missions for the Discmania brand and the people working behind it is to fuel the growth of disc golf all over the world. We’ve seen great success in growth and popularity of the sport at our “home base” of Finland over the last couple […]

INTERVIEW: Simon beats McBeast at Ledgestone, wins first NT of career

Ledgestone Insurance Open – The 2nd to last leg of the US National Tour was able to raise some heads already early in the season by promising to deal out the biggest purse of added cash in the history of the sport, a total of $65.000. The big payout also lured a huge 694 player field to central […]

Introducing Team Discmania’s Eagle Wynne McMahon

First off, we always knew this kid has potential. Otherwise we wouldn’t have signed him up to Team Discmania at the end of last year. What we didn’t really expect was to see him playing in the lead card on the final round at one of the biggest PDGA National Tour events already in 2015. Hailing from […]

In the Bag with Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte’s much-anticipated In the Bag video was just published by the Spin TV. The video was filmed during the 2015 Aussie Open. Without further adieu, here’s the video: Here’s the drilldown: Putters 3 x D-line P2 1 x S-line P2 Mid-Range discs 1 x SG-line MD1 1 x C-line MD2 2 x Glow C-line […]

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