The Scalpel Blade Frisbee is a thing


That was our first thought when we first saw the Scalpel Blade Frisbee. From the (popular?!) Slingshot Channel (707,000+ subscribers?!) on YouTube comes this deadly little disc. Host Jörg Sprave greets us with a smile and a laugh that has a little too much confidence to make you feel a little uneasy.

After first showing a disc with multiple screws attached to it, he steps his game up to medical grade scalpels… you know, the ones designed for performing surgery. What’s the logical thing to do when you have a disc and multiple scalpels? Attach them to the edge of the disc, of course!

Sprave talks about the dangers of building this disc and said had to put tape along the blades for protection. Our favorite quote from Sprave: “Boy, if you touch those, it bleeds quickly.”

Once the construction is complete, Sprave gives his new easy-to-do-great-harm disc a toss and the results speak for themselves. The thing we love the most? The pure excitement and happiness on his face after his new invention is completed.

As we watched the video we couldn’t help ourselves to try and determine flight ratings for the Scalpel Blade Frisbee. We think we’d rate it at 2, 2, 0, 0, 10. Speed, glide, turn, fade, and lethal force. We’re not holding our breath for PDGA approval though.

Watch, enjoy, and don’t try at home. Leave the deadly frisbee throws to Sprave.

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