Team Innova 2024

Innova’s Driving Force

The dedicated, hard-working group of athletes on Team Innova do so much more than just capture titles. The Team showcases what the best discs in the market can do in the hands of the best players in the sport. They help us evolve our disc lineup, market new molds, and uphold our slogan “Choice of Champions.” 

Our Team grows the sport through international travel, event videos, and social media; Big Jerm’s trips to Japan and Spain last year left an air of excitement around the sport in those areas. Jen Allen’s hyper-viral Instagram of her two aces reached tens of millions of people, showing many disc golf for the first time. The efforts of Team Innova go beyond the course and their impacts reach beyond the professional side of the sport.

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In 2024, Team Innova has all our top athletes from 2023, as well as some additions and promotions that make the Team that much stronger. Long-time Innova athletes, Jessica Weese and Bradley Williams, earned promotions to the Star Team with above-and-beyond seasons last year. A familiar and friendly face in the sport, Emerson Keith, will be joining Team Innova in 2024 on Team Champion. Former International Team members Dennis Augustsson and Rasmus Saukkoriipi have been promoted to Team Champion as well.

Ida Emilie Nesse and Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste are both new International Crew members joining in 2024. Violet Main has been promoted to the Innova Crew along with new Team member Sofia Donnecke. Severi Saviniemi is joining the International Team. Jaiden Ginthum, Carver Whitford, and Sylus Williams have all graduated from the Junior Team to become Innova Sponsored athletes. Elmer Furustig is joining the Juniors. And we have many additions to the Innova Ambassadors, some new to Innova all together and some transitioning from other roles. 

With over 40 DGPT and PDGA Major podiums, including 10 Open Division wins, as well as Calvin Heimburg capturing Player of the Year, Team Innova had a hugely successful 2023. With the same solid core members and our new additions, Team Innova 2024 is a force to be reckoned with.

Star Team

Jennifer Allen

Gregg Barsby

Henna Blomroos

Philo Brathwaite

Joel Freeman 

Garrett Gurthie 

Calvin Heimburg 

Hailey King

Jeremy Koling

Juliana Korver 

Kat Mertsch 

Eveliina Salonen 

Ohn Scoggins

Nate Sexton 

Jessica Weese

Bradley Williams

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Team Champion

Dennis Augustsson

Emily Beach

Holly Finley

Joona Heinanen

Emerson Keith

Nathan Queen

Rasmus Saukkoriipi

Emerson Keith, Team Champion

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