SmashBoxxTV celebrates one year of disc golf podcasts


Terry Miller and Jonny V broadcast from the 2015 Glass Blown Open. (Photo: Dynamic Discs)

Last year at this time we learned of the new disc golf podcast from Terry Miller and Jonny Van Deurzen. Better known as The Disc Golf Guy and Jonny V respectively, the duo took their live broadcast YouTube channel and walked into the disc golf off season with the SmashBoxxTV Podcast ready to go. It began as an idea to help carry disc golfers and fans everywhere through the winter and to the start of the season in February and March.

Now, 52 weeks later, SmashBoxxTV will celebrate a full year of disc golf podcasts with their episode later this evening at their usual time of 9 p.m. (Central Time).

The show initially ran about 90 minutes long. Then it started to hit about two hours. Soon we saw the addition of the after show which ran another 30-60 minutes. Soon the show itself was going beyond two hours and the after show even longer. We’ve seen many top pros visit the show and big news announced on a regular basis. After starting the podcast in Jonny V’s home, the show has gone on the road to many locations including the Memorial Championships in Arizona, the Glass Blown Open in Kansas, and the United States Disc Golf Championships in South Carolina.

We’ve been fortunate enough here at ATDG to get to know both Terry and Jonny V over the year too. It’s been fun watching them take this small idea and turn it into a weekly event in the disc golf world. We talked with the podcasting pair to get a few thoughts on year one of the SmashBoxxTV Podcast.

From when you first thought of the idea to create this weekly show, did you ever think it would be where it is after one year?

Terry: “I didn’t think we would be this many episodes in and I certainly don’t think we’d have “Smashies”. It’s crazy to think that some dedicated people actually leave time in their night to tune into us live. Frankly, that scares me.”

What do you know now that you wish you knew a year ago?

Terry: “I know that I should be running the show. Seriously though – there are some specific configurations and setup that goes into doing it and I still wish I knew a little bit more about the tech side on the back end just in case I want to leave my friendship of 20+ years and do it on my own.”

Jonny: “I wish I knew how well the community would appreciate what we do. Had we known that, I think that we may have started even sooner. We originally created the podcast to get us through the lean months when there wasn’t disc golf to broadcast. And once we got on a weekly roll, it just made sense to keep it going all year long.”

What was your favorite moment of the last 52 weeks?

Terry: “In terms of JUST the podcast, I’d say anytime we are approached about someone wanting to ‘break news’ with us on the show. It’s flattering to think we have a big enough and unique platform for people and companies to want to do that. We love it and encourage more of it.”

Jonny: “I think it would be easy to say that Terry pretending to punk McBeth was one of the highlights of our year. People really seemed to get worked up and then enjoyed it.”

When it comes to SmashBoxxTV in 2016, what can we expect to see/hear?

Terry: “Ideally we should have sponsors that can finally support our show. A few have reached out but we hesitated because we wanted to first be sure of our product. I’d also like to see our production value increase and give more professional look. I’m not saying we’ll actually BE more professional but at least give that impression that we are.”

Johnny: “In 2016 I would like to expand to at least one more podcast. Something way more specific. Focus on a particular aspect of the game and really dig down. It might not be weekly, but I have some ideas.”

Congrats to Terry and Johnny on their podcasting anniversary! Be sure to tune into their YouTube channel on a regular basis for their weekly banter. You never know what might happen next when you step into the SmashBoxx.

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