Salient Discs DGX Shoe Review

Outside of the discs you throw, one of the most valuable pieces of disc golf equipment are your shoes. Sure, bags can help relieve some stress on your back and shoulder, but without proper grip and confidence in your footing, your disc golf game will be held back. The Salient Discs DGX shoe was released in the spring of 2014 and was at the front of the pack when it came to disc golf companies releasing their own footwear designed strictly for disc golf. Salient Discs sent us a pair to review and we’ve spent some time on the course to see how the DGX stands up.

Salient Discs lines up the DGX as a “trail” type shoe with various features:

  • full water repellant oxford outer
  • waterproof/water resistant urethane coated inner oxford
  • full lower napa leather outer for side blow out protection
  • synthetic polyurethane toe box for front toe protection
  • rubber torsion control sole for added stability on and off the fairway
  • stiff rear mid sole for added pivot stability
  • neutral arch support for easy foot conformity

Whenever we put on a new pair of shoes for disc golf we are looking for a few key features: grip on teepads, grip and control on grass, overall wear, and comfort.

One of the hardest transitions we find with a new pair of shoes is getting used to the added grip on a new sole. As we have more time with shoes we wear down that initial layer and the grip changes, but we are accustomed to it. We were hesitant at first with the DGX, but when on a concrete teepad we realized we had the ability to throw at full speed and have plenty of grip. Even after a few rounds with the DGX we still found plenty of grip on a hard surface. The initial layer on the sole was scuffed up enough to where it had a little grit to it, but it wasn’t over worn.

Salient Discs DGX

Salient Discs DGX

In terms of overall wear, it seemed right inline with other shoes we’ve used on the course. We previously used Keens for most of our rounds and those last us around 12-18 months depending on the amount of use and the types of courses we play. While we can’t judge the exact wear of the DGX’s sole, it would likely be around that same time frame. This isn’t a positive or a negative feature. Shoes wear down. It’s a fact. For the price (currently $55), it is easy to replace these down the line if needed.

With most trail type shoes, you’re wanting to also make sure you have a solid grip on the fairway and in the woods. The DGX has a relatively deep tread that is on par with other trail shoes. There is plenty of grip on both the ball of your foot and on the heel. From short approaches to longer run-ups, the DGX gave us the confidence to plant that foot without fear of it blowing out on us.

Salient Discs DGX

Salient Discs DGX

The overall wear of the DGX seemed on par with what we’d expect. Weeks and weeks with the DGX would tell a better story, but even after our time with the shoe, nothing unexpected stood out for us. A little wear is expected and we’d think that after a full year of play, you’d still have enough on the sole to give you confidence, but like we said, we often have to replace shoes after 12-18 months depending on just how much we use them.

The DGX also has moderate-at-best arch support. This isn’t surprising though as most shoes released need some sort of insert if you are in need of arch support. Even without the insert the DGX was comfortable and didn’t leave our feet sore after the rounds.

When compared to some other trail shoes, the DGX rides a little lower than some other options. It isn’t a drastic difference, but these certainly high cut or even boot cut. This wasn’t a problem for us though as we still felt plenty of support when wearing them.

One of the best features of the DGX is the price. At the time of this posting, Salient Discs has them for sale through their website for $55. There are two colors available, the black and brown that we tested, and a black and black combo. Even if these shoes were to last you a full year, you could pick up a two pairs of these shoes for the cost of one pair of other competitors.

For a minor price, you’re able to get a shoe with solid grip on the teepad and on the fairway, that will wear in predictably and give yourself that confidence you’re looking for in your footwork.


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