Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko Bag Review

Disc golf bags often come with many bells and whistles and those bells and whistles will often come with a high price tag. When you’re first getting into disc golf, or you’re just in the mood for a casual round, you don’t need a big bag. You’re needing something that can carry a handful of discs and not much more than that. Reptilian Disc Golf recently partnered with No Excuses Disc Golf to produce the new Gecko Bag. The Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko Bag is produced with quality in mind, yet still won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Reptilian Disc Golf has this feature list for the Gecko:

  • 1000D Cordura construction (one of the most durable materials in the industry)
  • 6 to 8 disc capacity: open main pocket & rear driver sleeve
  • neoprene drink sleeve (designed for 17 oz. Water bottles)
  • zipper pouch on the front flap
  • pencil holder & dual slide pockets on rear
  • swivel clip installed on side wall for bag tags, towels, etc.
  • 2″ strap included (soft seat belt material!)
  • embroidered RDG patch sewn to front flap
  • pencil slots & mini pockets added for convenience

Reptilian Disc Golf sent us a Gecko Bag to check out and the build quality is certainly there. Many search out bags in the 1000D Cordura fabric and to find a top shelf material on such a small bag is actually quite impressive. Most bags hit on the smaller side of the spectrum tend to use a more basic material to help keep the costs down. Being able to dip into that premium market for a small bag like this is certainly a nice feature and something the Gecko Bag can hang its hat on.

Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko

The bag itself can hold around 6-8 discs. We were able to put in a putter, a few midranges, and about 4-5 drivers and we had a full bag. It isn’t designed to carry a lot, but there are other options available if you need more storage. The Gecko is perfect for a casual round at the local course or it can easily help you focus on just a few discs. With fewer options to choose from, you can easily become a better golfer.

There is a large flap that acts as the main closure on the Gecko. A snap is available to help keep things secure. This helps the discs from sliding out when in storage and can protect the discs from the elements. It will easily fold behind the bag when in use. When we first got our hands on the Gecko, the flap was a little on the rigid side, but after some time with it we saw it loosen up a bit. This made it easier to open and close. The 1000D Cordura needs a little wear to fully loosen up.

Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko

The front of the Gecko will have a small slot for a scorecard and has a few pencil slots. This slot covers a deeper pocket that can be used for an extra driver or something else with a flat profile. That about does it for the storage on the bag. There isn’t a lot of extra room, but the bag isn’t looking to be a mass storage option. There is a small bottle pocket on the one edge, but it won’t hold anything too large. Reptilian Disc Golf says it will hold up to a 17 oz bottle. Water bottle pockets tend to be an optional addition on bags in this category so it is at least taking that one step forward with the feature.

We also noticed the length of the adjustable shoulder strap. Sometimes we see bags of this size that has a shoulder strap that could extend a little longer than what we have it set at. This bag has plenty of length to use and can really adapt to the needs of just about anyone out there.

Finally, the Gecko uses the rounded bottom option over the flat design. While we were able to stand it straight up, we had to force it a few times. It will naturally want to lean over a little bit, but if you lay it down on the front or back side of the bag, you’ll be fine. The quality of the fabric will be enough to not risk much damage, if any.

The Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko Bag currently retails for $35 and is available through the RDG website. For $35 you’ll be getting a simple, yet effective, bag in a top level fabric. The durability of the Gecko should stand up to the test of time and can handle just about everything you throw at it. Help focus your game and keep your mind on just a few discs at a time with help from the new Reptilian Disc Golf Gecko bag.

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