Putt Like Calvin Heimburg

Putt like a Champion

A good putt starts with addressing your lie and taking a stance that sets you up for success. Then find your grip, take a few practice swings, and release on target. Check out the video above to hear the 2023 DGPT Player of the Year, Calvin Heimburg, get into the fine details of his putting stroke. Remember that what works best for you might not be exactly what works best for Vinny.

If you want to become the best putter you can be, you need to find the motion that is most replicable for you.
-Calvin Heimburg

In 2023, Calvin made 86% of his C1x putts and 31% of his C2 putts. Those elite statistics helped Vinny take down multiple Tour events and the 2023 DGPT Player of the Year title. This season, Calvin has already won two DGPT events with clutch putting down the stretch. At last weekend’s OTB Open, his C2 death putt on hole 17 was the pivotal moment securing the win. 

While most of us will never throw a 500-foot, Vinny-like laser, his putting stroke is learnable and repeatable. With time and practice, you too can Putt like Calvin Heimburg.

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