New Signature Series: MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon

The Glow C-line MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon is here! This flat and grippy mid-range disc encompasses speed, accuracy and vision. At a speed five, the MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon can handle the power needed to hit any line with accuracy and finish with a predictable fade. As for vision, Simon had a new vision to reinvent the Falcon theme.

Speed and Accuracy

There are two things Simon is known for: speed and accuracy. Both of these tools have been displayed across many different videos whether it be one of Simon’s amazing trick shots or his distance record that he capture back in 2014. Speed, accuracy, and vision are the same tools that lie within the Falcon. The Falcon is known to have excellent vision. It has eyes that face forward so that it can use its speed to accurately determine the distance of its prey.

MD4 Lizotte

MD4 LizotteThe Doom Bird has spread its wings and has found its second counterpart. Imagine it is dark, clouds fill the night sky and it’s difficult to see anything. Nightfall. Recognize that from anywhere? It was mentioned in the Doom Bird article and it was a hint at Simon Lizotte’s second 2017 Signature Series disc.

Disc Overview

The MD4 has a blunt nose with that standard MD3 micro-bead giving it a familiar feel in the hand. Not only is the MD4 overstable, but it also has a surprising amount of glide, allowing your shots to fade more while still maintaining predictability. Whether you’re facing a stiff wind, looking for a controlled hyzer line, or throwing a nice touch sidearm, the MD4 has you covered. We find this disc to be much more versatile than most other overstable mid-ranges on the market due to the mix of stability and glide. The Glow C-line plastic gives the disc even a better grip. It’s board flat just like the regular C-line MD4.

Fly this disc day or night, it can be yours starting on September 27th 2017!

The disc will be available at select dealers worldwide, Discmania Store worldwide, InnovaStore in Finland and InnovaStore in Sweden.

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