Latitude 64 T-Link Disc Golf Shoe Review

The disc golf shoe line up has expanded yet again with the release of the Latitude 64 T-Link disc golf shoe. Latitude 64 has had a line of clothing out for many years now, but they’ve finally hit the shoe category with an option they hope disc golfers around the world will love. After teasing fans for a few weeks, the T-Link has officially been released in three color combinations: black, black/grey, black/orange.

Latitude 64 highlights the main features of the new T-Link shoe:

  • Triple waterproof protection with Hydroguard water guard lining plus waterproof treatments on inside and outside of shoe upper materials.
  • High density antislip rubber outsole for maximum protection against rugged terrain and to reduce the impact on the arch of the foot during outdoor exercise. Carved design at the base give enhanced grip and make the movement easier, maximizing performance in hiking, Disc Golfing etc.
  • High Quality breathable Phylon EVA insoles for extra comfort, minimizing the vibration of each step, reducing fatigue.
  • Innovative and ergonomic design for better fit.

Latitude 64 gave us a heads up of the T-Link shoe a few months ago and sent us a pair to review. We’ve previously looked at the Salient Discs DGX shoe and while there are similarities, the T-Link has a few features that help it stand on its own.

We laced up the T-Link for a handful of rounds and tested the shoe on various surfaces to see just how it stacked up. The first thing we noticed was how light the shoe felt. It wasn’t the lightest shoe we’ve ever worn, but was lighter than expected. It had a very athletic feel that we didn’t expect. We never felt weighed down by the shoes and could move freely in them. The last thing you want is your shoes dragging you down when you’re trying to generate some power and momentum.

Our local courses have concrete teepads and can easily eat up shoes. In the announcement video from Latitude 64, they do talk about how if you drag your toe on your follow through, these might not be your best option. They don’t have a toe cap, but in our experiences, very few shoes can really fight off toe drag after toe drag. Shoes are designed to wear in over time. Really can’t fault it there.

When it comes to grip on concrete we had great results. For us, there has been a line between being too grippy and not having the control and ability to pivot and being too slick and losing the control we desire. We were able to throw with confidence and never felt like the shoes were doing either too much or too little. After a few rounds we don’t see any major signs of wear that are concerning and we’d think with normal wear these shouldn’t give you any trouble.

Latitude 64 T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

Where the T-Link shined the most for us though was on the grass fairway or on the dirt and roots of some wooded holes. The tread is relatively deep and has a nice balance of negative space on the sole to allow for some added grip. Some shoes put in so many small treads it doesn’t allow for space to grip on uneven surfaces. There is primarily a deeper tread on the outside of the shoes and then one down the middle of the sole.

From drives to putting, when on the fairway, we really felt confident with the grip the T-Link gave us. Even on some grass that was wet, we had plenty of confidence with the run up and eventual release. Nothing is worst than having a shot that requires a short run up on the fairway and having the mental concerns of not having enough grip. The Latitude 64 T-Link shoes came through with a very strong effort in this case.

Latitude 64 T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

The heel of the T-Link has a slightly rounded shape which helped account for almost an athletic feel that we also didn’t expect. Some trail shoes don’t always bring the feel of a running shoe. The T-Link is clearly more of a trail type shoe than a running shoe, but gives a little bit of a athletic touch to it which was nice. We were able to produce that nice heel pivot that many desire on drives. We’d have to think that along with the toe drag concerns, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little added wear on the outside of the heel due to so much pressure on it on some drives. When you factor in the overall grip and comfort, this isn’t a big concern.

There are multiple waterproofing features on the T-Link which rang true during our tests. Even with the waterproofing, we felt like the shoes were able to breath enough to not make it a complete sweat-fest either. Waterproofing is a much needed feature, especially for those early morning rounds.

Finally, the T-Link had a moderate amount of arch support. We never expected much, but there was more than we first thought. A simple insert can help take care of this, but out of the box, they are a solid option. Our feet never felt worn out after our rounds with the T-Link.

The Latitude 64 T-Link is out in sizes 6.5-11 in the three color combinations. Sizes 11.5-14 will be available in January 2016. Check out your local disc golf retailer if they are stocking the T-Link, or you can find them through the Dynamic Discs website for $99.99.

The growing selection of disc golf shoes by disc golf companies is only a good thing for disc golfers. Competition is needed and having a variety of choices is key. The question of what shoe is best for disc golf is a common one, especially among new disc golfers. Latitude 64 puts forth a strong answer to that question with the T-Link.


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