Innova VRoc3 excitement takes over disc golf collector market

The latest craze in the disc golf collector world is the new Innova VRoc3 (or VRoc). With help from Innova, Discmania is releasing the first batch of VRoc3s as an exclusive fundraiser for the 2015 European Open.

The initial 150 Perfect Crystal VRoc3s didn’t last very long at the Discmania Store and left many with empty hands. Discmania currently has 10 Perfect Crystal VRoc3s on their eBay store with some holding a current bid over $400. More VRoc3s are on the way later this week, but we talked with Discmania’s Jussi Meresmaa

The initial crystal VRoc3s were released in a very limited number and didn’t last long. For the disc golf collector, many felt they didn’t get a chance to get their hands on one. You’ve tried to meet them halfway and release some on eBay. They’ve certainly reached some big numbers so far. Did you ever expect this reaction?

“Well, we kinda knew what´s going to happen. The response was still overwhelming. According to our site provider we did have 400,000 page loads during that one hour when all the 150 VRoc3s were sold. So, it was evitable that everybody could not walk away with a set of these. As for the price, we did not have a clue. We know that the Innova Roc is the most collected disc but this was surprise for us too. I believe that what we have in our hands and on eBay now (the flawless crystals), is the new 2001 CE ROC.”

What have you guys learned about these limited releases where websites crash and many aren’t happy? Would you ever go to a straight eBay model and release them for auction?

“We were involved heavily with the release of European Masters G-Star ROC3s and we saw that incredible response from the collector market. Therefore we did upgrade our server 5-times stronger…but it was not enough. Our site provider reported that there were many IP addresses that reloaded our page more than 2,000 times in that one hour. That´s a lot of CTRL+F5.”

“I like the eBay model in a way, but that does not bring the people to our store. We also pay more transaction fees there.”

“We are preparing for Thursday and our site will be updated to a whole new level during the next night. We take this seriously and want that everyone who visits us tomorrow (9 a.m. Pacific time) will be leaving with some very unique discs. Trust me, I want more than anybody that tomorrow goes well. It’s our responsibility. We pay a lot for that upgrade. I have only one wish for all eager collectors and customers: please, do not hit that refresh when you see the site slowing. It does not help you. Instead, wait a little and things will go smoother. I promise.”

Let’s quickly talk about the VRoc3… these will only be released as fundraisers and never in full production?

“That’s the plan. We want to build a really cool and rewarding collector market for this Roc. We take this with pride and will do our best to make the best designs and color combos for you. There will be limited number made each year to support European Open and Disc Golf. All the proceeds go back to the sport. So, whenever you purchase one of our collectibles, you provide Disc Golf a change to be bigger. I promise: If you help us raising funds through VRoc3–we will make this sport big. Great things on the horizon.”

When is the next chance to get our hands on a VRoc3?

“Thursday January 22 at 9 a.m. PST. After that, I do not know. We are preparing a collector´s guide that will be published later at European Open and Discmania Store websites.”

Anything else you want to mention?

“I want to thanks Dave, Harold and Innova giving us this change.”

Be sure to keep an eye on the Discmania Store and eBay for future releases of the Innova VRoc3.

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