How to Choose the Right Discmania Disc Golf Disc?



Have you ever wondered how to choose the right disc golf disc, also known as frisbee? There are dozens of manufacturers with a large variety of discs, weights and plastic types. It’s very easy to get confused with what discs you should choose. Our ideology behind the Discmania golf disc selection is to keep it simple. We have less selection than most disc golf manufacturers, yet we have enough models for different styles and players from beginners to the top professionals in the world like Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon. In the end, it’s the player who commands the flight of the disc and only the imagination is the limit.

However, to begin with choosing the right disc golf disc – generally known as frisbee – we can offer shortcuts. Below you’ll find our collection of advice, when it comes to selecting your Discmania discs.


1. Keep your selection simple

If you follow the marketing of the disc golf companies, you’ll see a lot of ads about new fast drivers that fly really far. If you are a beginner, it’s generally wise to avoid this trap. The best way to begin with, is to choose just a few discs that feel good in your hand. As a matter of fact, if you practice with just one model, you’ll eliminate any variables caused by different disc types and you can fully concentrate on your technique. We encourage keeping your selection simple for advanced players too. For example, one of world’s most talented and skillful players Simon Lizotte primarily uses only a few Discmania models. You can see what Simon throws in his Simon Lizotte Discmania in the bag video.

From our Discmania disc selection, probably the best models to begin playing disc golf with are: The P1 Putter, the MD Mid-range, and the FD Fairway Driver. They don’t have to be exactly these, but at least make sure to start with slow-flying (higher profile) discs rather than fast (low profile) discs. You will find more information on disc speeds and other flight characteristics and plastic types on the Discmania disc golf info page.


2. Learn the basics

In every sport, also in disc golf, there are some specific terms and basics that are useful to know. In disc golf, some of the most commonly heard terms include understable, overstable, backhand and forehand.

We have made a Deep in the Game video series with the former world champion Avery Jenkins to help with the basics of disc golf throwing technique and terminology. Viewing these videos will give you a shortcut to understanding better what Discmania discs you should be throwing, why and how. Catch the full Deep in the Game series in the playlist below:


3. Study our arm speed flight chart

Disc golf companies have created flight charts to help selecting discs. There’s one flaw in the charts, however, and that is not taking the individual player into account. There are all kinds of players. The main differentiating factor is the speed at which a player can throw a disc. This speed is often called the arm speed.

We have plenty of tour events, in which you can test your arm speed by throwing in our radar gun. Also many sports clubs have radar guns and you can even buy your own online.



Benefits by choosing Discmania disc golf discs

  1. We are very picky and quality-aware, so you don’t have to be.
  2. Instead of quantity, we concentrate on quality. If a prototype doesn’t please us, we will not proceed with it. We want our discs to be timeless.
  3. Our discs are produced by the most experienced disc golf manufacturer in the business, Innova Champion Discs. In fact, they are the creators of a modern disc golf disc. We are privileged to use their expertise when designing our well-thought disc selection.
  4.  Discmania is available through the Discmania dealer network across the globe wherever disc golf is played.
  5. We reply regularly our fans’ questions at the Disc Golf Course Review as well as social media. Find us on facebook here!
  6. We hand pick each production run at our brand store – Discmania Store – to help you find the discs you need. Discmania Store is located right next to the factory, and we have the best possible knowledge of discs.
  7. Superb customer service. Discmania Store Facebook customer service rating is 4.9 stars!5_stars_250px


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