Glow Disc Golf – Light Up the Course

Keep The Post-Work Rounds Going

The clocks have changed, but you still get off work itching to go rip a few drives. You’re relying on the sound of the chains and the feeling of a hard-earned birdie to wash away a stressful day. But when you get outside, the last beams of daylight are just dropping beneath the treeline. Are those cherished, post-work rounds going to have to wait to resume until the Spring? Not if we at Innova have anything to say about it! 

Glow disc golf can be a fun and different way to get in that much needed round without being constrained by light as the days get shorter. Not only is glow disc golf a great way to keep playing through the late fall and winter, it is an exciting twist that can make an entirely new experience out of a course that you have played countless times. It makes a great option for a small group of friends looking for a casual round and is the perfect way to extend your local league nights to later in the season. 

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What is Glow Disc Golf?

Simply put, glow disc golf has all the same rules as traditional disc golf, but is played at night. Players use glow discs or regular discs with a light source attached and aim at an illuminated basket.

Will I Really Be Able to Find My Discs?

If done correctly, discs can be easier to find at night than they are during the day. A brightly glowing disc on an otherwise dark backdrop is easy to follow in flight and sticks out clearly when laying on the ground. 

Options for lighting up your discs include glow tape, sticky LED lights, or our recommendation, glow discs. While glow tape and LED lights make a suitable option in a pinch, glow discs will shine brighter and more fully without any chance of the tape or light falling off after a hard tree hit. Further, while tape and attachable lights will affect the flight characteristics of your discs, glow discs can be thrown day and night and will always fly the same. If you do choose to use tape or sticky lights, make sure to light up both the top and bottom of the disc in case your throw lands on its back.

If you are new to glow disc golf, our Innova Glow Starter Set has everything you need to shine during your first nighttime rounds this off-season—a putter, fairway driver, and distance driver. For those who want a more customized set, Innova offers a wide-range of Glow plastic to choose from. For your drives, try a Glow HALO-ween IT for effortless, straight distance that gleams as it soars through the gap. For your putts, beam a classic DX Glow Aviar into the heart of the chains! For players looking to match their glow bag to their daytime bag, we offer glow versions of many of our most popular molds. 

Lighting Up My Discs and Basket

Now that you’ve got your glow discs, you’ll need a way to illuminate them on the course. The Innova Glow Light is the way to go. While any powerful flashlight will work, the UV setting of the Glow Light will charge your discs fast and will have less of an affect on your vision as your eyes try to adjust to the dark. The light has 7 settings from UV for lighting up the disc, to a narrow beam for navigating the course, and a flood light for around the practice basket. 

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There are lots of good options to light up the basket, ranging from glow sticks to battery powered strings of lights. For a simple and effective solution, a standard flashlight placed on top of the basket and pointing downwards will do the trick. Even a cell phone flashlight will do. For a glow round with a few friends, alternate walking up the fairway to light up each basket when you get to the next tee pad. For a glow tournament or league, consider investing in 18 lights and doing some setup before the round to make for a more seamless playing experience. At the end of your round, make sure to leave the course and equipment looking as good or better than you found it! 

Picking the Right Course and Staying Safe

Picking the right course is key to set yourself up for a successful and safe round of glow golf. We suggest playing a course that you are familiar with. This will make navigating and understanding the shape of the fairways much easier. If course options are plentiful in your area, we recommend trying one with a shorter layout. Playing on the shorter course will help you to stay safe and slow down your throwing motion, while still reaching the basket.  

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Most importantly, make sure that you understand the rules of your local parks! Do your research and find a course that you are allowed to play at night. Understand that your park may be multi-use. Be aware of other people using the park at night, as they will be harder to see than during the day. Always make sure that the fairway is clear before you throw. And, of course, watch your footing. Disc golf at night is only worth it if you play smart. Always watch your step, especially on wooded and hilly courses. Slow down your run-up or throw a standstill when footing is less than ideal. And always play glow disc golf with a friend to help keep each other safe. 

Don’t let the end of Daylight Savings be the end of your disc golf season. Get some glow discs, get your friends together, and go light up the course!


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