Fossa Disc Golf Tana Backpack Review

This past winter, Fossa Disc Golf ran a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise funds to produce their new Tana Backpack. The goal of the campaign was to produce the “highest quality disc golf backpack at the best price point.” That price point… just $100. When you look at the disc golf backpack market you’ll find many products that look and function in a similar way, but carry price points two to three times higher in some cases. Other bags start to approach $100, but tend to skimp on storage and other features. Fossa Disc Golf wanted to find a bag with all the features they wanted, yet still keep it at $100.

After a successful campaign, the Tana went into production and the final product is available today. Fossa Disc Golf sent us a Tana to review and after spending a few weeks with it, it is clear to us that you’re getting quite a bit of bag for the price. It’s certainly a bag with a lot of value. Before we get into our review, check out the Tana’s full feature list:

  • The shell is a TRIPLE LAYER of 600D PVC coated Nylon-insulated padding-600D PVC coated Nylon.
  • Inside holds 24 drivers or 18-20 assorted discs
  • Inside shelf holds 2 putters
  • Inside removable cradle made of polyurethane board wrapped in 600D PVC coated Nylon
  • 1 outer putter pocket
  • VERY LARGE upper deck storage with permanent polyurethane divider
  • 4 additional exterior zippered pockets
  • Adjustable padded straps that are triple reinforced for maximum durability and comfort
  • 5 Spiked footing system
  • Large Aluminum/Foam insulated cup holder with draw string (holds a 32oz gatorade)
  • 1 mini pocket
  • 1 chair pouch with hook & loop strap
  • 1 cell phone pocket
  • 2 pencil holders
  • 1 score card pocket
  • Hook & loop umbrella attachment
  • Velcro loop rail
  • D-ring & Towel clip
  • 2 Hook & loop straps on spine for easy cart attachment (if preferred)

We loaded up the Tana with 18 discs in the main compartment. This included two putters, six midranges and 10 drivers. There was likely room for another driver or two or another midrange. We liked having a little bit of added space in there to make the removal of discs a little easier. There is an insert with an optional divider to help with organization. You can’t change the location of the divider, but that didn’t bug us at all. It fell nearly in the middle of the bag and kept our midranges from getting a little to close to those pesky drivers.

When we first used the Tana we found the discs on the extreme ends of the main compartment to be a little hard to get in and out. It was certainly possible, but took a little more effort than one might expect. As the bag got some wear on it, things loosened up a little bit. We kept more of our utility discs on the ends so we weren’t reaching for them that often. Access to the other 90% of the discs in the bag is very easy.

Fossa Disc Golf Tana Backpack

Right above the main compartment you have a shelf that can be used for multiple things. It is a natural putter pocket and can easily hold two putters. We never worried about them falling out. It’s a similar setup to the Salient Discs Catalyst or Helix bags. The Tana’s pocket felt a little tighter, but the functionality is nearly the same. This top shelf is also where the zippered cover for the front tucks into. If you’re needing to zip everything up, remove the discs, retrieve the flap, put the discs back in and zip it all together.

There is also a putter pocket on the one side which is capped by a slot for a mini. If you need to use the top shelf for some other discs (maybe those utility discs, for example), the side offers a solid alternative. It is only big enough for two putters, but the bag offers other locations for that third putter if you desire. We preferred the shelf since it was a little easier to access, but we can’t complain about either option.

You’ll find plenty of storage options on the Tana. The top of the bag is home to a very large zippered pocket. You can fit just about anything in here. We shoved some extra towels for during our round, but can easily house a hoodie or small jacket. It was a lot deeper than we expected it to be. It is almost as big as what you’ll find on the Dynamic Discs Ranger. On the side of the bags you’ll find other zippered pockets for a cell phone, wallet, keys, and more. You’d be surprised with just how much the Tana can hold.

Fossa Disc Golf Tana Backpack
Fossa Disc Golf Tana Backpack

One of those side pockets can hold a stool with a strap to help keep it in place. On the front you’ll find straps to hold an umbrella for those rainy rounds. The back of the Tana has a strap designed to secure itself to a cart if thats your preferred method of getting around the course. While it might not be a feature many use, it is nice to see they are thinking of everyone.

The straps have a tapered width starting with the widest end closest to the top of your shoulders. There is a decent amount of padding in the straps, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a little more padding added. We never felt too fatigued during our rounds, but a little added comfort would have been welcome.

Fossa Disc Golf Tana Backpack

The back also features three padded areas for some additional comfort. There is enough padding to make a difference, but this is another area that could have been bumped up a little.

When you first get the Tana, load it up and make sure you adjust the straps according to your body. You want to make sure it isn’t leaning too far back while you’re wearing it. This causes the bottom of the bag to dig in a little bit on the lower back. After a quick adjustment of the straps to our desired fit, it was hard to even notice the bag.

The most important thing to remember about the Tana is the price. For $100, you are getting one heck of a bag. Could there be more padding on the back and straps? Sure, but that brings an added cost. If that is a deal breaker for you and you want to remain at the $100 price point, good luck. If you have some extra in your budget, there are other options for you. Even then though, ask yourself just how important it is. Maybe saving a little money and still getting nearly everything else you’re looking for might be worth it. Fossa Disc Golf wanted to stick to that $100 price and they pushed as much as they could out of this bag while sticking to their goal.

We were impressed with the Fossa Disc Golf Tana backpack. We had a few people on the course ask about it and the question of price came up more often than not. Every time we gave the answer of $100, they were surprised. These were clearly people who were in the market for a bag and have done some research and found solutions, but maybe didn’t like the price. It only takes one look at the Tana to see a lot of what you’re looking for in a bag. Then you see the price and the story gets even better.

Fossa Disc Golf will make an impact with the Tana. Disc golfers need businesses like Fossa to push the envelope. Can you purchase the Tana with confidence? Yes, and you’ll save some money while doing it too.


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