Facebook says 969,030 people have an interest in disc golf

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new targeting feature for pages and publishers to use when sharing content. Audience Optimization helps filter out people in your target audience so your post reaches people who truly has an interest in your topic.

When we first tried this granular targeting, we plugged “disc golf” into the system and it brought up 969,030 people who have “expressed an interest or liked pages related to disc golf.”

Facebook Numbers


The Verge posted and article looking at some popular categories like celebrities, presidential candidates, and even verbs. They included a dataset of the 282,002 publicly available interests on Facebook as well. We downloaded the dataset and found disc golf to rank 49,038th on the list. They note a slightly larger audience of 988,820. We’re not sure why we are seeing a different number.

After seeing disc golf’s number, we wanted to check what other disc golf interests were out there, which, if things are working correctly, are all ready accounted for in the main interest of disc golf.

  • Professional Disc Golf Association: 100,670
  • United States Disc Golf Championship: 15,912
  • PDGA World Championships: 13,354
  • Innova Discs: 98,700
  • Discraft: 102,040
  • Discraft Disc Golf: 50,620
  • Dynamic Discs: 62,630
  • Prodigy Disc: 32,010
  • Disc Golf Association: 60,450

Take all of these numbers with a slight grain of salt. The numbers are more than just page likes and take into account other interests as well.

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