Eveliina Salonen Rises to Star Team

Joining the ranks of Team Innova’s top professional women, Eveliina Salonen has been promoted to the 2020 Star Team on a 1-year agreement. Eveliina began 2019 with a big win at the Memorial followed by a dramatic 2nd Place showing at the Pro World Championships in Peoria, IL.

She’ll play more U.S events in 2020, joining her good friend and teammate Henna Blomroos.

Eveliina Salonen 2020 Tour Schedule*

  • Las Vegas Challenge, Feb 20-23
  • The Memorial, Feb 27-Mar 1
  • Waco, TX (DGPT), Mar 13-15
  • Texas State DG Championships (NT) Mar 27-29
  • Finnish ProTour Helsinki Apr 3-5
  • Finnish ProTour Tampere May 8-10
  • USWDGC (Major), May 22-24
  • San Francisco Open (DGPT), May 29-31
  • Pro World Championships, June 13-20
  • Finnish Mixed Doubles Championships, Joensuu Jul 4-5
  • European Open (Major), Jul 16-19
  • Finnish ProTour, Kuopio, Jul 31-Aug 2
  • Finnish Championships, Aug 6-9
  • European Championships, Konopiste, Aug 19-22
  • Finnish doubles Championships, Aug 29-30

*subject to change.

Eveliina (left) and Henna signing to the Star Team

Preparing for 2020

We asked Eveliina about her plans this offseason in preparation for an expanded U.S. tour next season.

What’s the strongest part of your disc golf game?
The strongest parts of my disc golf game are my backhand and sidearm.

What do you do in the offseason?
I try to throw discs as much as I can (Finnish winter can be so snowy and cold). I do putting practice indoors and Henna and I are going to Spain where we’ll practice for two weeks.

What’s different about disc golf in Finland vs. U.S.?
In the U.S. there are more good FPO players and also bigger payouts. And in the U.S. you can throw the whole year.

Goals for 2020?
My goals for the 2020 season are to tour more in the U.S., to develop myself in all areas, especially my putting game, win Finnish Nationals, European Championships and be one of top 3 FPO players at the 2020 Pro World Championships.

What other hobbies do you have?
I also play floorball in Finnish women’s 3-division and golf.

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