Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth to bring old flight to new disc

Signature discs are nothing new to the sport of disc golf. Heck, we’ve even seen plastic blends named after top professionals. For Dynamic Discs professional Eric McCabe, he gets the honor of having a disc named after him. This isn’t another signature disc, it’s the new Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth.

Ever since the release of the Dynamic Discs Truth, the popular midrange from the Emporia, Kansas based business has been topped with the signature of the 2010 PDGA World Champion. Over the last year or so McCabe, and others, have noticed the flight of the Truth has slightly changed. What began with flight ratings of 5, 5, 0, 2, has started to show a little turn and a touch less fade.

During a Periscope broadcast last week, McCabe stated that while he heard the concern from others about the change of flight, he was still throwing a stockpile of the early run Truths that flew as designed so it was hard to understand the true difference in flight. As McCabe dipped into a newer stock of Truths he did notice the flight has changed and thus began an effort to bring the Truth back to its roots.

After some design work and testing, the end result is the new Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth. The midrange has been sent to the PDGA for approval and will be available in stores soon. To learn more about the EMAC Truth we talked with the man who has his name on the disc, Eric McCabe.

News came out Wednesday afternoon that a new EMAC Truth was sent off to the PDGA for approval. What can you tell us about this new Truth?

“The ‘New’ Truth will be called, the EMAC Truth. The current run of Truth’s have seemed to become a bit too understable for what I had initially wanted the midrange to fly like. The EMAC Truth will fly a bit more stable, not quite as OS as the Verdict, but somewhere in between the current Truth and Verdict. More like the original runs, or the Pre made in Sweden tooling ones.”

The current Truth isn’t going away, correct? Is this something that you’ll continue to have in your bag along side the new EMAC Truth?

“That is correct. We felt the current Truth is still a great disc, it’s just not what I wanted it to fly like. We’ve decided to change the numbers on the current Truth to 5, 5, -1, 1, which is closer to the actual flight of the disc. The EMAC Truth will have the original Truth numbers of, 5, 5, 0, 2.
I do plan to continue to bag the current Truth, for big turnover shots that will hold the right line and finish flat.”

During a Periscope broadcast you mentioned that this in a sense is returning the Truth to what it was always intended to be and to better fit what you wanted it to be, correct? When did these discussions first begin?

“I first noticed the disc starting to turn right more and more about a year ago. At first, I didn’t think too much about it, seeing how I had a stock pile of the pre made in Sweden ones. When I first noticed, I approached Rusco and Tomas and we began working out the details. It has been a long time coming, but in beyond excited about this new mold, and I feel everyone else will agree as well.”

When you first got the EMAC Truths in for you to test and took them out to the course, what were your initial reactions?

“WOW! I couldn’t believe how great it flew, and the fact that it felt about the same as far as the mold goes made me even happier! Tomas. Is. A. Genius.”

Do these EMAC Truths feel the same as the current Truth or will people be able to tell a difference?

“Yes, they do feel very similar. The stock stamps will be very easy to tell the difference. My signature silhouette will be removed from the original Truth, and a new design for the EMAC Truth has been made. Another way you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two molds is the engraving on the bottom. The original Truth will stay the same, and the EMAC Truth will include my signature engraved in the mold. The initial release will be in my personal favorite plastic, Lucid. We will also be releasing the EMAC Truth is all of our more popular plastics across the board, i.e. Fuzion, Fluid, Moonshine, etc…”

Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth

Let’s talk releases. When will we see the EMAC Truths be available? The current Truth will still be available, but with a new stamp, correct?

“That is correct. The current run will have a new stamp, basically just removing my name and changing the flight numbers. I personally believe the current run of Truths will become collector items. As far as release of the EMAC Truth goes…I’ll just say before the Glass Blown Open.”

You’ve had signature discs many times in your career. Now you have a disc NAMED after you. Is that a special feeling?

“Yes. It is actually an unbelievable feeling, I’m honored, grateful and simply overwhelmed at the support Jeremy Rusco and Dynamic Discs has shown me over the years. I never thought I would actually have a disc named after me, so to say it’s a special feeling is an understatement.”

Thanks to McCabe for the conversation. We were certainly surprised to learn of this news last week and had to learn more about how it all came together.

We’ve previously noticed the change in flight of the Truth and can’t wait to see how the new EMAC Truth compares to those original Truths from a few years ago. Stay tuned to ATDG for more!


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