Discmania Store Top 10 Discs of 2017

It is that time of year again — snow, taking your Christmas lights down, mystery boxes, making or breaking resolutions and…”Top 10 of 2017” lists. At Discmania we thought it would be fun to take a look back at our Discmania Store top 10 best sellers of 2017.

2017 saw a record number of new releases, including new molds, old favorites in new plastic, or tasty new signature series discs. Will one of these exciting new releases claim the #1 spot, or will a tried and true disc lay claim? Let’s take a look to find out.

10. President’s Cup Swirl S-Line TDx

Starting us off at number 10 is the President’s Cup version of the Swirl S-Line TDx. This was the first release offered of the TDx. The TDx boasts amazing carry that helps keep it in the air for long distances. Here are all the available TDx’s at the store.

9. Lizotte Swirl S-Line FD3

Simon Lizotte makes his first appearance on the list at number nine with his signature Lizotte Swirl S-Line FD3. The FD3 is a disc that everyone needs in their bag. It’s an overstable driver that you can trust in all conditions. Here’s a link to available FD3’s at the Discmania Store.

8. Konopiste Open C-Line CD3

March brought both reprieve from Winter and the first release of the C-Line CD3. Coming in as number eight was our Konopiste Open fundraiser. The CD3 clocks in at speed 11, but it’s ergonomic rim configuration makes it feel more like a fairway. Regardless of how it feels, it flies like a dream. Here’s a link to all available CD3’s at the Discmania Store.

7. Glow D-Line P2

Our #7 best seller was one that Discmaniacs have been calling for for years, the Glow D-Line P2. It is hard to go wrong with the P2 in any plastic, but this creepy crawly version turned out to be a home run. The plastic is a bit more firm than traditional D-Line, but also still had that great tacky feel. Add in the fact that it glows and we may as well call it a grand slam! Here’s a link to all available P2’s at the Discmania Store.

6. Crescent Falcon Glow C-Line MD4

Our “Wunderkind” Simon finds himself on the list yet again, this time with the Crescent Falcon Glow C-Line MD4. The Crescent Falcon pays homage to Simon’s original Falcon design, with it’s wings spanning off the sides and ever present piercing, aggressive Falcon eye glaring out from the middle of the disc. Combining stability with glide, the MD4 is more versatile than your average mid-range.

5. Eagle McMahon Signature P-Line P2

We welcome Eagle McMahon to the list with his Signature P-Line P2 being the 5th best seller of the year. This stiff P-Line version of the P2 is the putting choice of Eagle and many other top pros. Offering a reliable flight and a consistent release, the P-Line P2 will help you bring that putting percentage up. Here’s a link to all available P2’s at the Discmania Store.

4. Simon Lizotte Signature Swirl S-Line FD3 – Doom Bird

No gloom and all Doom at #4. The Simon Lizotte Signature Swirl S-Line FD3 aka “Doom Bird” was an instant hit on the Discmania Store. Our slogan at Discmania is “Reinvent Your Game,” and that is exactly what happened here with the Swirl S-Line FD3. This particular run came out extra tasty in terms of swirls and feel. Here’s a link to all available FD3’s at the Discmania Store.

Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

3. European Open C-line MD4

The MD4 finds itself on the top 10 list on its premier year. This time it was our first release, the European Open Fundraiser. Discmaniacs have long been calling for the MD4 and they jumped at the first chance they had to buy it, helping make it the #3 seller of the year. Here’s a link to all available MD4’s at the Discmania Store.

2. Eagle McMahon Signature Glow MD3

This next one should come as no surprise. The #2 most purchased disc on the Discmania Store in 2017 was the Eagle McMahon Signature Glow MD3. The Glow MD3 is just one of those discs. Every Discmaniac has one in their bag and if you don’t have one, you’re likely to be carrying 3 or 4, like Eagle. Here’s a link to all available MD4’s in the Discmania Store.

1. D-Line P2

If you paid any attention to Infinite Discs best seller list, you won’t be surprised that our D-Line P2 was #1 here as well. The P2 is no one trick pony, it is one of those rare putters that simply can do it all. We’ve seen Simon do incredible things with his P2’s, whether a trick shot or in competition. Nate Sexton won the United States Disc Golf Championship putting with a D-Line P2. If you haven’t experienced the joy of seasoning in a D-Line P2, treat yourself to one in 2018. This is one of those discs that lives up to the hype. Here’s a link to all available P2’s at the Discmania Store.

We at Discmania want to thank all of you for making 2017 a memorable year for us. The Discmania Store was busier than it has ever been and we have no plans on slowing down now. The only question now is, will a different disc find itself on top next year, or will the D-Line P2 go back to back?

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