Discmania MD Review

The word of a new midrange from Discmania was first teased in our interview with Discmania’s Jussi Meresmaa when he announced his retirement. Just a few days later we got the notification from Discmania they were sending us a prototype of the new Discmania MD.

Discmania says this about their fourth midrange:

From the very beginning of the MD we had a very clear cut mission – to fill our straight to understable midrange slot and have the ultimate control midrange. The MD certainly fits the bill for both of those goals. By “ultimate control” we want the thrower to be able to control this disc to do any and every type of flight fresh off the shelf. This speed 4 midrange has a glide rating of 5 with 0 turn and 0 fade. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and then imagine all of the different shots you can accomplish with this midrange driver. The feel of this disc is great as well. It has a slight dome and a convex lower wing. It feels like it belongs in your hand and it’s ready to tackle all of your midrange duties. We bet you just got excited to try this disc as we are to release it.

The Prototype MDs are available in the Discmania Store at the time of this writing with some still in stock.

As the description says above, the Discmania MD has a very rounded feel to it thanks to the convex wing and slight dome. It has a Mako like feel to it. If you like a beadless midrange with a round nose the MD should be very comfortable for you. It actually feels a little bigger than it really is. We felt like we could use almost any kind of grip with the MD and always felt like we were in control. We’ve seen many midranges in recent months bump into that Speed 5 category, but the MD firmly places itself in that Speed 4 range.

The overall flight for the MD was very straight with a lot of control. Right away we noticed quite a bit of stability at high speed. We could really put some power behind the MD and trust that it wouldn’t turn over on us. When you give it some hyzer it will really hold the line the entire flight. It wouldn’t flip up, but it also wouldn’t really carry too far to the left. It really seemed like just the right mix of stability you want in a midrange like this. It can hold up to power, but even a average strength arm can throw it with ease.

Before we talk about fade, we need to talk about the glide of the MD. Some of those Speed 5 midranges rely more on speed to get down the fairway, but you could really see the MD just keep on gliding. On a few slightly downhill holes the glide was very noticeable. As it continued down the downhill trajectory it really tried to hold up in the air and likely gained some extra distance because of it.

The glide also gave it a very forward fade. In our tests the MD wasn’t a true 0 rating for fade. It would finish to the left, but it won’t kick very hard for you. Part of the reason it does have fade is just due to the glide. The disc just naturally wants to finish to the left and with it being kept up in the air it just has more time to complete that movement. On flatter shots, where the MD was kept low, the MD wouldn’t show a lot of fade. If you have some of that added height, it might have a little more finish than you’d expect.

Another area where the MD shined was on tight anhyzer shots. It will really hold the anhyzer angle and thanks to the amount of glide it will really remain aloft. The lack of fade ensures whatever line it starts on is the line it finishes on. Just the same way the MD can perform on slight hyzer shots, it can perform just as great on an anhyzer. The MD could become a midrange that you reach for time and time again.

Overall, we’d rate the Discmania MD at 4, 5, 0, 1. The glide is certainly there and it is quite stable at high speeds. The end of the flight is soft and strong enough hit that 1 rating, but it won’t really do anything too dramatic.

The Discmania MD is promising. It is a disc that you can really lean on and throw hard with some great results. We’d love to see a slightly flatter MD which might show a little more turn and in the end an even straighter flight. Seeing the MD in a P-Line plastic too would be interesting after seeing the MD3 in P-Line plastic.

The Discmania MD can be sneaky long and very accurate. With the high amount of glide the MD could easily carry down the fairway and with the very controllable flight, it can fly on nearly any line you put it on. Distances were right in line with what we expected for a midrange for us. On holes around 225-275 feet we were able to throw the MD and leave ourselves with a solid putt waiting for us.

If your search for the straight midrange that becomes a go-to disc and you haven’t found it yet, the Discmania MD is worth looking at. Pick up yours today at the Discmania Store.

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