DiscLit aims to bring beeper and LED features in one package

While the idea of attaching LEDs or an audible locator on a disc golf disc is nothing new, one group is trying to combine the two into one package to meet the best of both worlds. DiscLit is part of a new Kickstarter campaign aiming to make it easier to find your disc with both day light and after dark.


The DiscLit module has four 256-color LEDs and an audible beeper system which is reportedly heard from over 50 feet away. The entire system is rechargeable via micro-USB. Mark Cusimano, the CTO of Piote LLC, the company behind DiscLit, says at full brightness the battery lasts under and hour, but the LEDs are so bright at the maximum setting, you can easily tone it down to around 20% and still have great results and battery life of around five hours. The beeper feature without the LEDs on will produce at least 10 hours of battery life.

Currently the DiscLit weighs in at less than 10 grams, which is quite a bit of an addition on a disc that weighs between 165-180 grams. Cusimano tells us they are working on bringing the weight down as they continue to develop prototypes.


The DiscLit attaches to your disc with tape. While this does allow you to reattach it to another disc, it does require you to properly place it on the center of the bottom of the disc so you can retain the correct flight characteristics. While it isn’t impossible to accurately attach the DiscLit, it is something to take into account.

Other options on the market like the TOBU Charge and Kyng Roller bring an LED module or beeper module which tie into their mobile app to help locate the disc. Unlike the DiscLit, those options are permanently attached to the center of the disc. Many will also tape the small disposable LEDs to a disc, but those tend to be used for one or two rounds at most and then you’ll need new ones. Plus, you also have the DiscBeeper which uses the beeper type technology to help you locate your disc. DiscLit is trying to combine all of those features into a multi-use and rechargeable package.

Within the Kickstarter campaign, a donation of $20 ($15 for early bird backers) will get you one DiscLit. There are other options at higher prices for early access or combination packages.

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