Disc Golf Vault: Ken Climo’s 2011 USDGC Clinic

Everyone loves a clinic right? Well how about one from arguably the greatest of all time?

Ken “The Champ” Climo is someone who needs no introduction in the disc golf world. A combined 14 World Championships, 9 straight MPO World Titles, 5x U.S. Champion, 7x PDGA Player of the Year. His accomplishments speak for themselves and provide him the credentials to discuss anything disc golf related.

Ken starts the clinic with a speech, approximately 10 minutes long, focusing mainly on the mental, and preparation, aspects to the game. After that, he dives into the real meat and potatoes of the video, a putting clinic.

The putting portion of this video, featuring his then teammate, Dave Feldberg, makes this an absolute home run of a clinic. The combination of Ken, one of the best all time, and Dave, one of the best teachers out there, is unmatched by any other clinic out there. At almost an hour long, this clinic goes further, and dives deeper than any other I’ve personally seen. And I’ve spent more time watching disc golf videos than I care to admit.

That’s enough rambling on my part, go grab you putters, basket, a drink, and whatever else you need. Kick back, relax, and get ready to find out every little detail it takes to become an exceptional putter.

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