Disc Golf in Schools program hits Oregon

Elementary school kids in Oregon will have the chance to learn the sport of disc golf thanks to Summit Disc Golf Promotions and a few local pros. Summit Disc Golf Promotions says the mission of Disc Golf in Schools is simple: Partner with schools’ physical education programs throughout Oregon and to hold disc golf clinics at each school to help introduce the fast-growing sport of disc golf to students.

With help from Summit Disc Golf founder Chris Singer and professionals Zoe AnDyke and Dustin Keegan, the first classes were held last week at Lincoln Elementary School in Corvallis, Oregon. Thanks to sponsorships from the Rotary Club of Corvallis, DGNomad, and Legacy Discs, disc golf is certainly making an impression in the Corvallis schools.

Nine disc golf targets will be donated to the school by DGNomad while Legacy Discs provides 60 discs for the kids.

For Summit Disc Golf, the idea of getting disc golf into local schools has many benefits.

  • Anyone can play. One of our favorite things about disc golf is how it provides a way for people of any skill level to play together. Currently, there are disc golf associations for hearing and visually-impaired disc golfers as well as a group of disc golfers who play in wheelchairs.
  • Equity. Besides the fact anyone can play the sport of disc golf, it’s also a very affordable sport to play. Many courses are free to play and many courses can be played with just a disc or two. You don’t even have to go buy a disc or two to play. If you have a friend who plays, borrow from them.
  • Disc golf encourages physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Disc golf provides a fun and challenging outdoor activity that can keep you in shape and help build not just physical skills (strength, stability, balance), but mental skills (concentration, focus, patience).
  • Schools can use disc golf in the classroom. Many schools are introducing disc golf into their curriculum with an emphasis on physical fitness, ecology, math, physics and planning.

We often talk about the idea of “growing the sport” and the many ways people put forth an effort. A grassroots education campaign, like the one by Summit Disc Golf, is a great entry in the “grow the sport” movement. Words are one thing, but actions are another. We can’t wait to see where this program can go.

Regardless if you are in the Oregon area, if you want to know more about the Disc Golf in Schools program and how they could help you, visit Summit Disc Golf Promotions for more informataion.

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