Disc Golf – A Sport for All Ages

You’re Never Too Old to Learn Disc Golf

You can pick up disc golf at any age and play for your entire life. It is quick to learn and the community is super welcoming to new players. Even with no experience, disc golf is easy to understand. With every round you play, and even from the first hole to the last within a round, you get the satisfaction of watching yourself improve. 

Just the joy obtained from getting better at something and making progress and acquiring a skill set is really important to me.
-Dave Seward

Try the Wombat3 as a first disc!

Disc golf is affordable and accessible. It only takes one disc to get started. Most courses are free and there are different styles and lengths depending on your skill level, goals, and limitations. It is good exercise that is relatively low-impact. You get outside into nature and will explore new places you otherwise might have missed. 

Most of all, disc golf is a great way to meet new people. Players across generations make friends on the course. Even if you go to the course alone, odds are you’ll get asked, “Hey, do you want to join our group?” by someone on hole one. Local leagues provide an inclusive way to meet your community and learn from players who are better than you. No matter your skill level, if you are excited about the sport, you are a part of the disc golf family. 

New Friends at 50+

Charlie Schwartz, Terry Plumb, Todd Harland-White, and Dave Seward met at an introductory disc golf clinic for seniors hosted by Innova through Lifelong Learning. Now, they are close friends who play together regularly at Fewell Park Ace Place, a nine-hole course in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They have bonded over learning the same new skill, watching each other improve, and undoubtedly a little friendly competition. 

I don’t think I would have met any of these guys had it not been for that [class]. And we’re all learning to get a little better each time we play so that’s fun too!
-Terry Plumb

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