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Discmania Expands and Adds More Staff

As our recent Year of the Shield article stated, we’ve just started to handle all Discmania® distribution in North America. The fact that Discmania expands also means adding more staff. We’re excited to announce that we’ve hired names familiar to many: Avery Jenkins, Dana Vicich and Zach Parcell. In addition to them, Steven Braud will join us […]

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Disc Golf Growth – Jump On Board!

The Golfers and Courses There are hundreds of sports deeply established around the world. From staples like baseball, basketball, and soccer to regional favorites like cricket or rugby these sports are well beyond the “early years” and have roots hundreds of years deep. While new sports pop up all the time, it’s rare to find […]

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Discover Disc Golf

Since its formation in the 1970s, disc golf has been called the sport of the future. With continual advances year in and year out, the future has arrived and the time for disc golf is now. This article was written to answer the question: “How to start playing disc golf?”. With the same idea as […]

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