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Our most anticipated release to date: The S-line DDx

It’s finally here. Ever since our CEO Jussi Meresmaa posted some initial pictures of the DDx prototypes, the disc golf scene has been buzzing about the new Discmania 12-speed distance driver. After a rigorous testing process, we finally landed on a prototype we felt was best suited on our line up and now we’re finally […]

Estonia – Next hub for disc golf in Europe?

As we’ve stated on several occasions before, one of the main missions for the Discmania brand and the people working behind it is to fuel the growth of disc golf all over the world. We’ve seen great success in growth and popularity of the sport at our “home base” of Finland over the last couple […]

Discmania presents: The Flying Circus with Simon Lizotte

The Concept Introducing The Discmania Flying Circus – A demo/clinic tour that travels along the lines of Simon Lizotte‘s 2015 US Tour. Find the event near you and see the true wunderkind in action! There will be several events in several different locations, each one consisting of two “station activities” and the main distance event: 1. […]

In the Bag with Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte’s much-anticipated In the Bag video was just published by the Spin TV. The video was filmed during the 2015 Aussie Open. Without further adieu, here’s the video: Here’s the drilldown: Putters 3 x D-line P2 1 x S-line P2 Mid-Range discs 1 x SG-line MD1 1 x C-line MD2 2 x Glow C-line […]

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