Bill Nye the Science Guy Joins Team Innova

Playing Smart-Golf 

It’s official – Bill Nye The Science Guy is wearing the Innova Team Wings! We are beyond thrilled to invite such a beloved personality and advocate for learning into our family. We hope Bill and Innova together can help disc golf reach new audiences. 

Bill Nye is an entire generation’s favorite science educator with multiple popular shows and books as well as a large, engaged following on social media. The potential to reach and teach young, new disc golfers excites both of us.

Why Innova and the Science Guy? 

The pairing of Innova and Bill Nye may seem strange at first, but trust us, there’s chemistry here. Every round of disc golf is a field experiment. There is more science to unpack than you realize: aerodynamics, gyroscopic motion, kinesiology, and beyond. Innova’s Dave Dunipace is the original mad scientist of disc golf, Bill Nye has been throwing Frisbees since he was child, and playing Ultimate and disc golf since college. The man loves to disc. Innova wants to foster that love and hopes Bill Nye’s excitement about the sport gets others excited too.  

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Premium Condors at Long Last 

We have made two stellar discs to commemorate Bill joining the Team: Halo Mako3s and Champion Condors. Each features a Planetary Society stamp and proceeds from each will go to support the Planetary Society. The organization’s goal is “to expand public knowledge of space exploration so that it continues to earn wide public support for decades to come.” Pick up the first-ever run of premium plastic Condor or a Halo Mako3 and support education at the same time. 


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