8 Innova Molds You Should Throw, but Don’t Yet

Flying Under the Radar

With over 100 in-production models, some of our best discs get overshadowed. Here’s 8 molds that have been flying under the radar, even though they are well-worth bagging. 


The Whale is a dependable, stable putter for C1 and C2 putts. It has a slight, reliable fade at the end of its flight and a little less glide than an Aviar. For players who don’t want to have to change their putter or putting style when the wind kicks up, this is the disc. It is also excellent for tee shots and approaches, making the Whale ideal for players who want to use one mold for multiple purposes. 


The Invader is one of the best driving and approach discs on the market. It can handle torque, but maintains relatively neutral flight characteristics. The low glide rating means this disc won’t float away on you in the wind. For upshots as short as 100 feet, all the way back to the tee, the Invader is a smart choice.


We have a huge lineup of 5 speeds; the Atlas isn’t always put in the spotlight, but it sure deserves to be. This unique Mid-Range has an overmold design combining a firm, low-profile flight plate with a grippy rim. It has a mild turn and very little fade, similar to the Jay, but with a different feel. 


The Avatar is another of Innova’s overmold Mids. For players who like the feel of the Atlas, the Avatar is just a bit more overstable and torque-resistant. It is a great straight-flier for forehands. 

This disc has one of the coolest stamps and regularly gets picked out just for the artwork. We assure you, if you take it off the wall and throw it, the Avatar has the flight to match the look. 

Star Avatar


We will think the Wombat3 is underrated until it is in every Innova throwers bag out there! This is the go-to Mid-Range for wooded fairways. As true-to-release as it gets, the Wombat3 rides the angle you put it on from your hand to the landing zone. 

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When thrown flat and with speed, the TL3 has a gentle turn and slight fade. It will hardly deviate from the straight line between you and your aim point. Thrown on hyzer or anhyzer, this disc holds an angle and rides. If you’re stuck between the TeeBird3 and the Leopard3, this is the disc you’ve been missing. 


Halo Star TL3


The Viking is an early Innova driver that has fallen out of style, despite its perfect flight characteristics as a workhorse for controlled tee shots. Right between a Valkyrie and a Thunderbird, the Viking finds a sweet spot; not too flippy, not too overstable. 

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The Invictus fills a neglected spot in many players’ bags – an overstable disc, slower than an XCaliber, but faster than a Firebird. Great for headwinds, spike hyzers, and scrambling. Garrett Gurthie says if you’ve got the power, this is a must-have mold.

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