2012 Worlds Prep

Last week Val and I traveled to Charlotte, NC to play the Carolina Clash, and check out the courses we will play for the 2012 World Championships. I have played Rennaisance (Renny) before but Nevin and Bradford were new for me.

Nevin was a wooded course that has the feel of a typical San McDaniel design.  The course is anchored by control and patience. Even playing the entire course from the short tees, it is easy to see that you don’t want to stray far from the fairway.

Bradford is another mostly wooded course with wide fairways (for Charlotte). The course has a unique and beautiful terrain, but could become nasty if you’re not hitting your line and have to sacrifice shots to get back on track.

Renny, the crown jewel of Charlotte, is by far the most challenging and longer course of the 2012 World’s courses.  With a good balance of woods and open holes, you need to take advantage of the birdie holes when the chance presents itself. Renny has multiple par 4’s and 5’s both in the woods and in the open.  The rounds at Renny are slow, with lots backups and long holes, bringing patience even more into play.

After a good week of practice I feel happy about spending sometime on the World’s courses. I have a lot to prepare for leading up to the tournament, but I’m looking forward to the challenge this year to defend my title. Val and I have put togather a little video for your viewing pleaseure. Enjoy!