USDGC Voices: Round One

The first round of the United States Disc Golf Championship is in the books with Nate Doss leading by three shots over Nate Sexton and Eagle McMahon. As the competitors came off the course, we caught up with them to get their thoughts on the opening round. Names are followed by their round score and current place in the standings.

Ricky Wysocki, -5 (62), T-5

“I started off pretty good on the front nine. I think I was four or five under. I had some momentum going into the back nine and that’s where you have to push it to the limit and you can’t let up on any shots, but I let up on two shots and it cost me a few strokes. I’m looking forward to the second round and not making those mistakes.”

Henrik Johnansen, -4 (63), T-9

“That’s a pretty amazing start to start off with an ace. You get it going pretty good. I threw a putter, a Jokeri. The rest of the round went decent. I couldn’t keep it up. I wanted to, but wasn’t able to. A few bogeys and ended in a good place. It’s not over yet!”

Zach Melton, -3 (64), T-14

“I felt like I played pretty well. I kept it in bounds for the most part. I had one OB on Hole 17. Besides that I did what I wanted.”

Nate Doss, -11 (56), 1

“I came into the tournament bascialy saying if I could shoot in the 50s that would be amazing. When I just did my scorecard and wrote down 56 I was a little surprised. I knew I played really well and thought I’d be in the 50s but not a 56.”

“Hit a really good shot on Hole 5. After two so-so shots I left myself a long third over the water. I nailed that shot and after that everything felt pretty good. No bogeys until Hole 17. I changed my attack on Hole 17 a bit and laid up off the tee and putting it at the basket after that. I put the drive close, but the putt didn’t go in. Somedays rounds like these seem easier than others.”

Will Schusterick, +2 (69), T-46

“Just a lot of mistakes, way too many. That was my worst round in the last five years in this tournament. I’m done with this round. It’s easy to put behind you. Too many mistakes.”

Steve Brinster, -1 (66), T-30

“Up and down roller coaster for me. Had a lot of birdies. Had a lot of OB strokes. Missed a lot of putts. Felt like I’m throwing pretty good, but just kept making mistakes.”

Barry Schultz, -4 (63), T-9

“I stayed patient all day. Played some good golf. Had some bad luck on the last two or three holes. Thats the way this course goes sometimes. Left a little of a bad taste in my mouth, but I shot good, 63, still good.”

Dutch Napier, +8 (75), T-68

“I played a great front nine. Had four or five birdies on the front six and then didn’t keep my head together on the back nine. The back nine really tore me up. I be a little safer tomorrow. I’ll still play aggressive on the front, thats where I need my birdies and then play a little safer on the back nine.”

JohnE McCray, -2 (65), T-22

“Beautiful out there today! Should have scored better than I did, but I didn’t. I still shot under par. I’m not happy, but not upset. Time to play better.”

Alex Geisinger, -3 (64), T-14

“Pretty solid round. Had a couple big mistakes with a 64 coming out of it. Don’t have to change much tomorrow. Make a few more putts and get rid of the fives. I can see the 50s out there, but just have to stay in bounds.”

Ken Climo, -5 (62), T-5

“A little slow out there for me today. I didn’t do anything too wrong. Made a few birdies toward the end and got in at five under. Made a mistake on 18, but was able to get up and down for my par. It won’t kill me, but do me great justice for winning either. I’ll come out a little more aggressive tomorrow. I played a little tentative today and will be aggressive tomorrow and hit my lines exact.”

Dave Feldberg, -1 (66), T-30

“It was going pretty good, not great, I got a horrible kick on the second hole and got a double OB six. Then battled back to shoot a 61 or 62. Then my disc hit the hay bales on hole 17 and took a seven. The drive hit the bales and rolled out. It wasn’t even in the water. It was over the line between the water and the bank. Dry. 10 feet away. It was the difference between being 50th and 5th.”

Steve Rico, +2 (69), T-46

“I’m not going to put a number out there for tomorrow, but I’ll be aggressive. I didn’t play that great today. I’ll go after the course in round two.”

Nate Sexton, -8 (59), T-2

“I did the same 59 last year and those are the only two rounds in the 50s for me here. I’ll be trying to do everything the same tomorrow. I have a few places to make some corrections, but I also threw some great shots. Assuming the wind is down again, the game plan is the same. Hopefully make a few more birdies.”

Simon Lizotte, -4 (63), T-9

“Really good start for the round. I fell asleep about halfway through. Started throwing OB on the back nine. OBs really hurt out here. Decent round though.”

Nikko Locastro, -4 (63), T-9

“I ended with a seven so I’m not too happy with my finish. Birdied the holes before that and had a pretty decent round going. I’ll come on a lot stronger tomorrow. I know I can shoot three better rounds than that.”

Dana Vicich, +1 (68), T-40

“Started out pretty shaky and missed some shots. Bogeyed Hole One which is the first time I’ve ever done that in my seven years here. Had some nerves going and threw one of the worst shots of my life. Battled back and grinded it out. Made a nice jump putt on 13 though. Finished strong.”

Paul McBeth, -5 (62), T-5

“Started out great. Came out hot and put out some great numbers. Had a slow stretch through the middle and came in with a respectable score. Have some work to do, but not out of it.”

Eagle McMahon, -8 (59), T-2

“It was stressful. This my first time here. In practice, all the holes are very tretcerous. I was a little scared to play them, but I managed them all really well and didn’t have a single OB stroke and was bogey free. I’m really happy to get this round over with a really good score. I couldn’t have done much better. A few holes I could have had a two. Kept calm and kept it in the ropes.”

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