Threepeat: McBeth Wins His Third Masters Cup

An incredible weekend of tournament action concluded last night in Santa Cruz, where Paul McBeth emerged victorious from what was so far, the season’s most dramatic National Tour finish. Teammate Patrick Brown also earned the Masters division crown, outlasting defending Masters Cup Champion, Jonathan Baldwin, as well as teammates Micah Dorius and Chris Brophy.

The most intense action however, was definitely in the Open as Paul McBeth, Tim Skellenger, Ricky Wysocki, Steve Rico, JohnE McCray, and Simon Lizotte all found themselves in contention on Sunday afternoon. McBeth entered the final round with a 3-shot lead over Skellenger, who had a pack of heavy-hitters right on his heels. The course at DeLaveaga is known for its incredible beauty, but also for the potential danger on nearly every hole. Virtually no lead is safe at “DeLa”.

Photo sent in by Patrick Brown

McBeth began his 24-hole final round slowly and carefully. His fellow competitors were not so patient, attacking the course with a sense of urgency. By mid-round it was clear that McBeth was not going to pull away. Paul was able to keep calm and string together 3 birdies on holes 19-21, followed by three pars to cap off a solid round of 68. Wysocki and Rico both posted rounds of 66 to finish 2nd and 3rd, as did Philo Brathwaite who jumped up to claim 6th.

For McBeth this was a hat-trick at DeLa. He won the Masters Cup in both 2012 and 2013 but this one was extra special. Paul described Sunday’s round as the “most epic” he had ever been a part of. Considering Paul is the highest rated player in history, owns the highest rated round in history, and back-to-back World Championship titles, that is an impressive statement.

Valarie Jenkins and Jessica Weese finished 2nd and 3rd in Women’s Open. It was smiles all around for both ladies. Val is fresh off her win of the Women’s Global Event last weekend, an event that drew more than 1100 women world-wide. Jess has been on a mission to prove herself atop the women’s game, so she was elated to capture the best NT finish of her young career.

One of the other great headlines from this weekend was Matt Dollar’s win at Hotlanta 2014. Matt won by two over teammate James Cole and picked up his first A-tier victory. Courtney McCoy won the Hotlanta title in Women’s Open, while husband Kevin McCoy clawed his way to a second place finish in Masters.

In Colorado it was Joe Rovere picking up his second straight A-tier win. Joe won the 303 Open in Denver in impressive fashion. He entered the final round with a 5-shot lead which he was able to pad down the stretch for a 7-shot win and a $1000 payday.

Other weekend winners include:

Kyle Crabtree – Rose City Open, Portland, OR
Barry Schultz – Tarheel Tournament, Chapel Hill, NC
Stephen Miller – King of the Hill, Newark, DE
Stephen Miller – Patapsco Punisher, Marriottsville, MD
Steve Brinster – Skylands Invasion, Warwick, NY
Jay Reading – Legion of Doom, Marion, IA