The Truth about the Team Keen Fundraiser Project… REVEALED!

The Truth about the Team Keen Fundraiser Project… REVEALED!

Since 2009, Keen Footwear has been supporting five of Disc Golf’s most prominent names through their Ambassador program; including 3x World Champion, Valarie Jenkins; 12x World Champion, “The Champ” Ken Climo; 2009 World Champion, Avery Jenkins; 2008 World Champion, Dave Feldberg, and myself, Nate Doss, 3x World Champion. These ambassadors have taken advantage of the World’s stage to grow the sport in their own ways. With this in mind, Keen Footwear has given them each an opportunity to also give back in a monetary way. Over the past five years, Keen Footwear has made 50 discs for each Disc Golf Ambassador to sell as a fundraising effort for a chosen charity.

The truth is the KEEN Fundraising program has and will continue to help the Disc Golf community! This has been a non-profit project and 100% of the money raised through these disc sales is given back to the sport to a different charity each year. It is unique in that these ambassadors are personally promoting and selling these discs, signing them, packing them up, and shipping them directly to the buyers. Putting in this small effort on our side promotes huge opportunity to raise money and give support to a needed Disc Golf charity.

Over the five years of the Team Keen Fundraiser discs, we have had the opportunity to raise $25,000 to donate to many worthy causes. The causes have included helping children, collegiate teams, The Deaf Disc Golf Association, women’s disc golf programs and even course projects that may need that final push of funding to complete. The goal is to keep the money within our sport to help charities that will have a perpetual influence on the future of Disc Golf.

These discs have offered a different hot-stamp design each year, creating a collector’s set. Every stamp design has included the Keen logo and the names of the Disc Golf Ambassadors along with a place for each player to sign; making it a goal for buyers to get all five. Keen has produced these discs in Innova, Discraft, and Latitude 64 to represent each Ambassador’s respective disc sponsor. For you collectors out there, each year there are 3 different disc company options to chose for your collection. Valarie, Ken, and Avery have Innova Champion, Dave has Latitude 64 and I, of course, have Discraft.

Keen Logos

These discs are sold through a variety of outlets from each player. My Team KEEN Discraft discs are exclusively sold here in the Nate Doss Shop. Purchase from my store and the discs will come signed by Valarie Jenkins and myself. My focus for donations has been to help the future of the sport through the youth, from children to collegiate teams. When you purchase through this site, know that your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put toward a great cause!

2010: De Laveaga Disc Golf Club- to help with course construction for the 2011 World Championship

2011: Soquel High School Disc Golf Team- to help their efforts to install a course and strengthen the Disc Golf program at the school

2012: OSU/COCC Disc Golf Teams- bought 2 school-colored DGA baskets for practice and keep at the school (2012 Team Keen Discs Still Avalible)

2013: Gavin Jack, a Soquel High Disc Golfer, Heart Transplant Fundraiser (2013 Team Keen Discs Still Available)

2014: Frederiction Disc Golf Club, Frederiction, New Brunswick, Canada – Youth Disc Golf Education Project! (2014 Team Keen Discs Avalible HERE!)

If you have bought a Team Keen disc over the last 5 years, know you have contributed to the support of Disc Golf. The truth is that Team KEEN is focused on helping the sport and with your donation we can carry these goals out together. Keen and its Ambassadors look forward to many more years to come of this great program!
On behalf of Team KEEN and the groups that you have helped along the way – Thank you!

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