The Tour is off and Running

The 2012 Disc Golf Tour is now well underway. Through the first three weeks I have not achieved the finishes I expected, but my progress is in the right direction. ; Starting the year with an 11th place finish at the Otter Open was well, lets just say, unexpected and a real disappointment. Next, was the Gentleman’s Club Challenge in Las Vegas with a 4th place finish. I had a couple well-played rounds so my confidence level was beginning to rise. This was a good build up to the Memorial Championship, the first National Tour of the year. After the tournament was all said and done 7th was my final resting place. The week in Arizona was a very exciting week, with some truly great rounds shot and plenty of festivities around town. My personal week was filled with some rollercoaster play and more disappointment in my finish. Realizing that this is just the beginning of the season, I know have time to work on my game to meet those expectations. We have been enjoying some R&R in beautiful Fountain Hills, AZ after the tournament, but now its time to get back on the road and make our way East to Texas.