Team Keen Donations Selected

After going over many different ideas, I have made a final decision on where the 2012 and 2013 Team Keen fundraising money will be donated. The $1,000 raised from the 2012 Team Keen discs will be going to help support 2 local collages in my new hometown of Bend, OR. Central Oregon Community College (COCC) and Oregon State University Cascades (OSU Cascades) are the two colleges here in Bend and over the past few years have been putting together Collegiate Disc Golf teams, and last year COCC competed at the National Championship. Putting together the teams is just the first step and equipment is still limited as the teams are forced to share their practice time with locals on our busy courses.

The 2012 Team Keen donation will go towards purchasing personalized practice baskets for each team. With the help of my friends at DGA, the baskets will be powder-coated in each of the school’s colors with their team logo on the number plate. These baskets will help the team run practice on campus at the athletic field, plus give them a sense of team pride. Not only will the current teams be able to enjoy these new baskets, but teams for years will be able to hone their skills. I think the the growth of collegiate Disc Golf is very important to the success of the sport. The team aspect, to me, is the most important factor. Learning to support your fellow disc golfer is such an amazing character builder I think the collegiate level is a perfect place to engrain this. With the residual funds after the purchase of the baskets, team shirts will be made to be worn proudly at Collegiate Nationals next spring in Augusta, GA.

2012 Team Keen Discs, Click Here!

Now the 2013 Team Keen donation hits back at home with me in Santa Cruz, California. These funds will be going towards a great cause and a perfect example of young people working hard to give back to a friend. A young man, Gavin Jack, an athlete from my alma mater Soquel High School, and member of the Soquel High Disc Golf Club was recently diagnosed with a serious heart issue that required an immediate heart transplant. While the transplant was a success, the medical bills are lingering with the family. Friends and family have joined in to donate through numerous fundraisers and even the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) has stepped up to help to cover these immense costs. 

They need roughly $75,000 to cover the medical costs and to date $43,378 has been raised towards that goal. With the sites within reach, Gavin’s peers in the Soquel High Disc Golf Club want to be sure he reaches that goal so they have decided to run a fundraising Disc Golf tournament. With the help of COTA and the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club, the students will be running a event on January 25, 2014 at the Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course, in Watsonville, CA. They hope to raise $5,000 through event and they have already started this week in their fundraising efforts.

Needless to say when I heard this story, I was so proud to once again hear that the Disc Golf Club of Soquel was working for such a noble cause. Three years ago, these young people worked so hard with the local community to get a course installed on the campus. Through trials and tribulations, they continued to stand up for this great sport regardless of what the community threw back at them. Because these kids continue to work so hard in all they are passionate about, I will be donating the $1000 from the Team Keen discs to the Soquel High Disc Golf Club in their fundraising efforts to support, their courageous friend and Disc Golfer, Gavin Jack.

I think that both donations will make a huge impact within these two great causes. If you would like to help me reach my goal, the 2013 or 2013 Team Keen discs are available for a $20 donation through 100% of the proceeds will go to the causes explained above. Thank you for your time and always for your support!


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