SmashBoxxTV Podcast #16: Live from the 2015 Memorial Championships

As we prepare for the first PDGA National Tour event of 2015, Terry Miller and Jonny V host episode 16 of the SmashBoxxTV Podcast live from the Memorial Championships at Duke’s Sports Bar and Grill in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While Terry gets to take in the warm weather in Arizona, Jonny is left behind at SmashBoxxTV HQ to make sure everything run smooth.

Now, before we get into details about the episode, we’ll admit that we missed the chance to watch this episode live. To our surprise, right out of the gate Jonny calls us out! We’re happy to help and can’t wait to see where this partnership will lead (more on that soon). SmashBoxxTV has raised the bar when it comes to live coverage. They are THE location to watch the Memorial live this year.

As for the show, Dana Vicich wraps up the recent tournament action and talks with Terry about the courses the pros will face at the Memorial this year.

Terry also welcomes Steve Rico, Connor Wright, and Bamba Rico to the show to talk about Legacy Discs and everything they are doing for disc golf.

Now, we’ve said that SmashBoxxTV will be live all week from the Memorial. Be sure to visit ATDG throughout the week as we’ll have the live streams showcased every day. We can’t wait to see the action.

Early in the show, Terry and Jonny talk about some of the technical problems they ran into during the Battle at Vista exhibition earlier in the week. We bring up this point for a reason. Many think that what SmashBoxxTV does is easy. You flip a switch, hook up a camera, and you have live video. It is much harder than you think and doing those trial runs are key for the SmashBoxxTV gang.

As you watch the live streams this week, don’t get upset if things are a little shaky at times. First, be thankful you are able to watch any of the event live and SmashBoxxTV were willing to step up and be the only place you can watch it live. Second, these guys are pros. If something isn’t working right, they will fix it. No doubt in my mind. The transparency from them is awesome and something we can’t take for granted. Best of luck to Terry (feel better, bud), Jonny, and the rest of their crew.


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